Struggle Jennings Flawlessly Blends Hip-Hop And Country In “Bail Money” ft. Trap DeVille

Photography: ONERpm Studios, NYC.

Struggle Jennings was destined to be an outlaw. The grandson of legendary Country Music icon Waylon Jennings, Struggle is part of a long legacy of Gangsters, Outlaws and Rock Stars. Putting his own spin on the family legacy, Struggle Jennings has established a lasting foundation for what has become his personal contribution to the music industry. Through a powerful message of strength and determination when faced with adversity, Struggle Jennings continues to curate music that relates with fans all over the world. Seeing nothing but success already, Jennings has nowhere to go but up!

Putting his Outlaw Hip-Hop in full motion, Struggle Jennings drops his latest track “Bail Money” produced by ScatteredBrains & Leland Elliot and we’re bumping it on repeat. Laced with heavy hip-hop lyricism and soulful, bluesy instrumentals, “Bail Money” is bending genres all over the place. The brilliant chaos sheds lights on the versatility and creativity of Struggle Jennings’ mind. The catchy hook includes smooth vocals and an addictive riff while the verses feature flawless lyricism and precise flow. Struggle Jennings’ well known rasp match perfectly with the overall twang and country feel to the track. He talks about real life experiences and dives into a retrospective look at his inner trials and tribulations. “I’m choking on my own words of wisdom, trying hard to be optimistic” is among the many spectacular lyrics that Struggle Jennings delivers throughout “Bail Money”. He pours his emotion and soul into every track he puts down and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next!

Listen to “Bail Money” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Struggle Jennings!

How did you come up with your stage name?

Most of my friends called me “Struggle” way before I caught any attention (in the music world) Back when I first started my career, a good friend of mine, who was also doing music, said to me “with everything you go through man, you ARE the struggle”, so It became my nickname, and my stage name once I started performing. I had always just gone by “Struggle” until the media added “Jennings” to my name in some news articles right after we filmed “Black Curtains” (SIDEBAR: he snuck a camera crew into a Davidson Country prison to film the video). I recorded my first album in 2010 called “I am Struggle”, but by 2013, people were referring to me as “Struggle Jennings”, including my fans. Ultimately, I decided that by using my Grandfather’s last name, it was a great way to pay homage to someone who influenced my life- both musically, and personally.

Your songs have a very powerful lyrical presence. What’s your writing process like? 

Thank you. When I sit down to write, words kinda just fall onto the paper. I’don’t have a process, really. I just put the music on and start writing. And because I’m writing about real life, the words come easily.  I hope people hear that in my music.  

How did your collaboration with Trap DeVille come to fruition?

I first met Trap when he auditioned to play lead guitar for the Waylon & Willie tour in early 2018. At the time, I also learned he was living out of his car, just chasing the dream like the rest of us. He became more than a tour-mate, and someone I consider a friend. Trap’s got a bluesy rock-n-roll vibe, but he’s also got a lot of soul, you can hear his pain. Collaborating was a natural fit because our stories are in many ways the same.  

What is your new track “Bail Money” all about?

The song's message is about staying driven and motivated to overcome that one big obstacle that keeps standing in your way- whether its bail money, bill money, or something intangible – the message is about perseverance. In the song, I say “I’ll win the war if I can beat the charges” – those words correlate to “if I can just do this one thing, if I can just get it right, I’ll be ok” What drives me the most when it comes to making music, is the hundreds of messages I get each day, from people who have found my music, and used it as inspiration to deal with whatever they're going through. They are the ones that inspire me to keep telling my story. I’d rather have a hundred thousand fans that feel my words than have a million fans getting the wrong message.

What’s next for Struggle Jennings?

Touring almost every weekend, and I’m in the studio regularly working on several new projects. Bail Money is the first single we released off an upcoming project called  “Angeles & Outlaws”, a collaborative effort between myself, Trap Deville and my daughter Brianna Harness. It will be released later this year, along with Waylon & Willie 4. I hope to have another solo album done by next Spring, and Brianna and Trap are both working on their own solo projects, which I am honored to be a part of. 


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