Stryke Lightning Debuts New Single, “Shot in The Dark”

Photo by: Bonnie Posey

Stryke Lightning brings a new, energetic life to the notable Ozzy Osborn track “Shot in The Dark”.

Clint and Tate Richardson make up this hard rock/heavy metal band and these two brothers carry a huge guitar presence and clear vocals in their sound in this track and onward as they prepare to release their first original single in early 2021.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, this rock band creates an engaging beat and a more intense or bitter version of this historic rock and roll track. Stryke Lightning’s clear vocal ability shows listeners the high quality of these brother's voices and their incredible ability to fit into each other's sound.

With lyrics like “voices are calling from inside my head”, listeners are able to feel the heavy rock lyrics and sound. The strong beat and large guitar presence in “Shot in The Dark” create a forceful rock band and heavy metal sound while the various guitar solos show off Stryke Lightning’s musical talents.

This band truly gives this classic rock tune a whole new life full of energy, speed, expression, and intensity. With “Shot in The Dark” only being released this November, we can not wait to see the possible growth of this already heavily successful rock band as they move forward in their career.

Hey Stryke Lightning and welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your newly released cover “Shot in The Dark”, what was your inspiration and intentions as an artist with this single?

We're massive Ozzy Osbourne fans, we picked this song because we figured it left room for us to put our own spin on it and also pay tribute to him at the same time. We wanted to have fun with it.

How has being brothers affected your ability to create music and a unique sound for your band?

Because we've grown up together, it means that we know each other really well. Sometimes neither one of us has to say anything, we can figure out what the other is thinking without talking. We both play guitar very differently, our sounds are very different. When they come together they create a very large sound that compliments each other very well.

As a newer rock/heavy metal group why did you choose the name Stryke Lightning?

We chose the name Stryke Lightning simply because we thought it sounded cool. There isn't any deep meaning to it, we thought it sounded good and left room for us to do some cool things with it. Clint has a guitar with a lightning graphic on it and that's where we got the idea.

Although this song was a cover, how were you able to create your own unique turn on this sound and how will you continue this style in your future pieces?

With Ozzy's music, you have only one guitar player in the band. With us there are two, so you have to figure out how to take a song that was written with one player in mind and make it work for two players. We put our own spin on it naturally because we're different people but we also tried to take certain elements from the original studio recording as well as some live performances and blend them together for a different take on the song.

What can we expect to see next from you?

We plan on releasing our first original in February/March of 2021. We've got a few more recordings that we're working on. Going forward we plan to write and record as many originals as possible.