Stumble Into The Darkness with Joudy's New Music Video, "Uneasy"

From Venezuela to New York City, psychedelic-rock outfit and trio Joudy scorches the scene with their haunting new single and accompanying music video entitled "Uneasy."

The cousins and founding members of Joudy are a band of Venezuelan refugees under the shadow of one of modern history's most corrupt authoritarian regimes. Having been forced to flee their homeland one by one at the height of their success, trio and heavy psychedelic-rock outfit Joudy has quickly become a regular fixture in Brooklyn's rock scene.

Just starting their residency at Berlin in NYC later this month, Joudy is back and ready to attack with gripping new songs like their recent, "Uneasy." The song is the first single from Joudy's forthcoming English-language LP, Destroy All Monsters. Until then, feast your eyes and ears on the song's conceptual music video.

The visualizer for "Uneasy" kicks off with scenes of the dark, cold, and empty streets of New York City, where we meet our inebriated protagonist, who stumbles her way around the city. While she's venturing into the unknown, clearly intoxicated, Joudy's instrumentals add this haunting and ominous vibe to ramp up the "Uneasy" feeling.

In fact, the whole video is packed with "Uneasy" scenes, from our protagonist losing balance and tumbling to the ground to onlookers gazing at her for a little too long. As the video ends with some cathartic and engaging choreography, Joudy closes the experience with their piercing and ominous instrumentals for a dose of sonic excitement.

Director Gabriel Duque did an excellent job bringing Joudy's "Uneasy" vision to life for the song's conceptual music video, and we're sure viewers will enjoy locking themselves into this gripping visual experience. Find Joudy's single, "Uneasy," on all digital streaming platforms, and watch the music video on YouTube.