Suave Colione Proves 'It Takes a Village' to Grow and Succeed In New Album

Suave Colione is here to showcase his latest collection of honest and raw experiences with the heartfelt-driven album, "It Takes a Village".

As an artist who usually focuses on pivotal themes of life, Suave Colione has put together this album for listeners in order to truly demonstrate his nuance as a Hip/Hop artist, ultimately through personal recollections of past and present occurrences.

Suave Colione starts off the album with "Intro", a track that focuses on potent lo-fi beat collections, all while exasperating old-school energy with the chosen instrumentals. The strategic layering that Suave Colione takes on with "Intro" is enriching, providing listeners with a memorable album initiation.

That distinguishable old-school design is kept in check with "Morning", the next track off of "It Takes a Village". There's a certain style contained within "Morning" that amplifies the essence of the track, and the production, specifically the integration of trumpet melodies, is what gives the song that necessary zest, and generally what attributes towards the characterizable sound Suave Colione contains. 

The album's thirds track, "Abba", features artist Eric Byrd, and showcases the versatility Suave Colione maintains, even with collaboration. The narrative of this track hones in on introspections of the past, grooming a flavourful environment with a potent guitar presence.

Defining current trends, and the setbacks that can arise, "Abba" delves into various themes of Suave Colione's past life, allowing listeners to get a more personable view of himself as an individual.

The next track, "Frustrated Heart", switches up with its emulated energy, giving more of an R&B presence. "Frustrated Heart" pursues the frustration that comes along with life realizations and the tribulations that can result. We're given an authentic performance by Suave Colione, which mainly stems from the higher level of intimacy with this particular track. We're receiving transitional stimulations once arriving at "Borrowed Time", and Suave Colione blends intricate and diverse lyricism with those dynamic lo-fi beats that tend to make a robust appearance throughout 'It Takes a Village'. 

Darkening the ambiance with "Broken Heart", Suave Colione provides great contrast between production and lyrical intention. "Broken Heart" ventures along with the torment that can arise with confusion and contemplation, translating various themes of character construction. Paving painful realities with the track, Suave Colione doesn't hold back with superficial dispositions, as he highlights realities of pain, and what said pain can do to an individual's mindset. The beat is instantly picked back up with "Feeling", the albums seventh track, which features artist Tauro DaVinci. From here on out, each track features some sort of collaboration, displaying Suave Colione's efficacy at colluding with other artists. "Feeling" offers a lighter rhythm, but listeners shouldn't be fooled with its composition, as the narrative still remains just as serious as each and every track has been thus far.

Same as "Our Love", except with this particular track, Suave Colione and artist The Rices provide a more sensually-driven atmosphere. The melodies within this track can easily relax a listening ear, all while drawing the listener in with its intriguing storyline. That level of pure sensualism quickly dissipates with "Nobody", a track that features Ben4gvn. "Nobody" is a progressive track, outlining nostalgic elements of Suave Colione's life, and the harsh realities that could've resulted in varying decisions. Those characteristic lo-fi rhythms are ever-so present, and the added ad-libs are what amplifies the innocence of the track. Ben4gvn brings in a complementary perspective and contrasts with the performance of Suave Colione in an interdependent sense. 

"Lost & Found" and "He Did It" is the following two tracks, and each allows listeners to open up their perspectives in disparate ways. We're traveling along with the striking tangibility of manifestation, as well as courses through the various tractions that can result. With an enduring beat, "Lost & Found", and "He Did It" give off similar vibes, establishing a more fun component to 'It Takes a Village'.

Almost instantly that energy is switched with "We Made It". The track is an anthem of struggle and the pure success that can result from withstanding said struggle. Such energy translates well into "Heros", the albums final track. "Heros" contains a certain source of sincerity from Suave Colione, and his attention is fixated on further tribulations of life, including the harsh phenomenon of growing up a certain way. The production matches that of your typical contemporary Hip/Hop track, remaining faithful with the intended message Suave Colione seeks to impart onto listeners.

All in all, 'It Takes a Village' sought out various anecdotes of Suave Colione's life, as well as the history that has made him the kind of artist and man he is today. 

What kind of discovery did you obtain within yourself when writing and recording 'It Takes a Village?' Did you experience any difficulty with the way you wanted the music to be translated?

The project came to December 2019 initially following the success of my 1st project I thought the title would refer to myself and a group of close MC friends and family put together a compilation that would change the current CHH world. But God had greater plans he started giving me a revelation to be a voice not only for myself but for all, all who endure trials in this life, and to all who need encouragement to make to the other side of their trials. It Takes A Village is a transparent and authentic hip hop instant classic that offers hope through transparent testimonials

What was the most challenging, but also most rewarding aspect of creating 'It Takes a Village?'

The initial challenge was getting the features I really wanted to be apart of the project. True artists that are on verge of superstardom. Obstacles with some tracks needing to be re-recorded and mix and mastering delays on return

Were there any obstacles that aided in your growth as an artist?

The obstacles were well worth it God allowed the best possible product to be molded not the rush version. The time allowed thorough several listening parties with me and my team to assure quality.

Out of the thirteen tracks present on the album, which track felt most personable to you?

"Frustrated Heart" the verses are so vulnerable and transparent. It came from moments of complete brokenness such as losing my first career job and serious financial troubles that resulted, it came from moments of really coming into my Christian walk and the moments initial fell back and conviction. Were there any components of the track made it difficult for you to communicate clearly? Everything my whole heart is on that track from every verse and every piece of the chorus.

Now that 'It Takes a Village' has been released to listeners, what direction are you hoping to or planning to take with your music now?

The plan is definitely to spread the music worldwide in every home. To truly spread God's Word everywhere in the way God gave me. Are there any sub-genres you're wanting to explore in, or are you comfortable with the entirety of your sound as it is now? Hip Hop, Gospel, Conscience

What can we expect to hear next from you?

Several visuals and major features as I continue to promote the 'It Takes A Village' project global. I'm pushing for global performance opportunities as well.