Subject 72 Captures the Highs and Lows of Love on Their Latest Single “Mad”

From Brazil to California, punk rock/reggae duo Subject 72 releases their energetic and groovy single “Mad”. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro and California in the ’90s and '00s, Rafael Bastos (guitarist and vocalist) and Pedro Tinoco (original drummer until 2019) were both heavily influenced by the punk rock scene, reggae music, and surf/skateboard culture. After Pedro moved to Memphis with his family, his spot was soon filled by mutual friend/drummer Arthur Albuquerque. Subject 72’s recent single “Mad” blends the infectious rhythm of reggae and the complex instrumentation of punk rock all to create an incredibly dynamic and unpredictable piece of music.

“Mad” begins with an angry phone call between two partners, clearly establishing the high’s and low’s that come with relationships. As the instrumentation kicks off with a groovy bassline and upbeat electric guitar, we’re introduced to the likes of punk music with Rafael Bastos’ sculpted and broad vocal stylings. Capturing themes of loving someone through thick and thin, and holding on when the going gets tough. Their textured production creates a blissful atmosphere, creating an even more modern feel to ‘Mad’s sound. With timeless melodies at the turn of the chorus, Subject 72 exhibits quality production and lush instrumentation that blends to their own unique and catchy sound.

Listen to "Mad" here.

Hey Subject 72, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving your unique style and sound on your latest single “Mad”. What made Subject 72 want to write about love and its many forms? Hey BuzzMusic!! Thank you for having us!! It’s an honor to be featured here! We’re glad people are liking “Mad”, we decided to write about love because it’s something that all of us will, is or have been through it before. Everybody has a different way of interpreting love and going through it. We believe true love is “sacrifice”. It’s when you love someone so much that they could be the most difficult person in the world, makes you go crazy, says things that make no sense, but in the end, you wouldn’t change them for anyone else. Your track “Mad” embodies complex production that adds incredible texture to the song. What can you share about Subject 72’s songwriting/creative process, and how you went about laying each track down?

We really like to tell stories throughout our music. We like it when something is very easy to visualize and understand. All of our songs in this new EP tells a story about love and we try to make it as clear as possible. Adding these “production details”  brings so much dynamic to the songs. We love movies, sound effects, and animation. It’s amazing how a specific sound or smell can bring someone back to a specific memory or situation. We try to add the same concept to our sound and not just talk about a “situation” or a “story”, but actually bring them there and live it as well. You’ve mentioned that your current drummer Arthur Albuquerque was a recent addition in 2019, after Pedro Tinoco moved to Tennessee. Do you think Subject 72’s music made a shift after Pedro’s move, or has it stayed fairly similar?

We believe everybody is different and everybody has something new and unique to bring so yes I believe the band has made a shift, but the “root” of the band is still the same. We all have the same tastes, similar backgrounds and grew up listening to Pretty much similar things. Plus he’s a great mutual friend of Pedro and me so that transition has been easy. Arthur, he’s more into the heavier side of rock so with that he brought so many different ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of during the writing process that just made our sound even better. It’s what makes this band great!

That being said, we’ve heard that Rafael and Arthur are great friends and clearly work well together. How do you think being close with your group members helps Subject 72’s music thrive and get across to its listeners?

Music, first of all, is a hobby for us. It’s not a job, it’s what we love to do regardless of the outcome! When you’re doing it with friends and with people that have the same passion, the possibilities are endless! that why I believe our sound is so unique and natural, it’s just friends jamming out and having a good time and I believe our fans feel the same way. Our style I believe is that one where you just put it on and just...“live life“, you don’t have to think about anything, worry about anything, just enjoy the moment. That’s what we go for. People have enough problems these days, this is our way to give people a “5 min break” in life and just...enjoy. What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

We have one more single coming out in May and our Debut EP “Girls Girls Girls” will be available June 12th!! It’s about love and it’s different interpretations of it. We’re really proud of how it came out, it’s such a fun album to listen to! it really represents us as a band and as who we are, how we grew up, past situations, our influences, our style.  We’re closing some local shows first (around California), grow our fan base and expand. We really want to be close to our fans and be very interactive with them. We literally respond to every one! We are really grateful to each and every fan that we have so far. We want to do as many shows as possible and just have a good time, give everyone a “break” in life and just “enjoy” it!