Submerge Yourself in Matt B's latest release "Deep"

Internationally known, smooth stylin' vocalist Matt B graces our stereo with his latest sexy single, "Deep." Matt B's voice erupts on "Deep," as his voice dominates the soundscape and pulls us 'deeper'  into his dark and harmonious vocals. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Matt B has been creating heavy-hitting, chart-topping R&B jams under the label StarBase Records, located in Japan.

Matt B released his Japanese debut album 'Love AND WAR' in September 2014, and it went #1 on the iTunes R&B Charts. Turning his sights back home, Matt B is back in the USA, wowing with his powerful and focused R&B sound.

"Deep" starts with a smoky haze of synthesized notes of sound and blues-tinged beats, as Matt B's styled vocals enter the soundscape.

Matt B's voice moonwalks across his lyrics, delivering verses with a cinematic flare entrancing the listener. The bridge on "Deep" is showstopping, his voice soars, and echos through the atmosphere showcasing is high octave vocal ability. "Deep's" lyrics are hypnotizing and alluring, the song has a push-and-pull draw over the listener as Matt B's voice consumes you.

The beat that propels "Deep" is like a thumping heartbeat, pumping irresistible R&B tones through your stereo. After listening to "Deep" we're going to be losing some sleep tonight thinking about it, "Deep" has that effect on you.

Your voice is pure entertainment! Can you start by telling our listeners your take on "Deep" and what you wanted to portray on the track?

Thanks for having me! ‘Deep’ is a song about love and love lost. When we reflect on relationships that we have or heartache that we are currently going through, and we are truly honest with ourselves, we realize that we overcomplicate things and that it’s not really that deep. This record was meant to dive deeper into that, almost like a wake-up call to those that struggle with relationships. I know I have. When you value yourself, you realize that you deserve better. 

You have had an extremely successful career in Japan and are now setting your sights back home and breaking into the American music scene. What similarities in the music industry are you finding between Japan and America and in contrast, are there any differences you are getting used to?

There are a lot of differences, so let’s start with the similarities. Everyone enjoys good music, it doesn’t matter what country you’re from. Music is the universal language of the world. The melodies catch the listener right away and make them want to engage with the art. As far as differences, I find that people overseas will fall in love with the music simply because it resonates with them and makes them feel good. Here in America, most listeners are often told what to like or not like through vanity metrics and big labels/companies feeding them the media of their choice. Because of this, navigating the market as an independent can be tough. Abroad, people want to take a musical journey with you. They don’t care about the numbers or how many followers you have. In America, people like to discover new musicians when they already have a following or are somewhat popular already. American music also tends to be very rap-driven. So melody lines are much more simple. Whereas abroad, things tend to be a bit more complex. 

The bridge on "Deep" really stuns the audience with your high tenor voice and higher octave delivery. What's the highest octave your voice can reach?

Let me start by saying that I don’t read music, haha! However, I’m told that in my higher voice, I can hit soprano notes, which are the highest notes for a female. I have a very wide range of my vocals. 

What are you most looking forward to sharing and promoting your music in 

the US?

I’m really looking forward to touring and interacting with my fans. I’m excited to see how my music impacts my fans, hopefully in a very positive way. My ultimate goal is to pack out a stadium one day. That, to me, would be the greatest pinnacle of success.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

My family and my fans. They are what keep me going through it all.