Submerge Yourself In the Depths of bbboris’ Latest Hit, “Ellie (on the low)”

From Detroit to San Diego, the versatile Hip-Hop/R&B Artist and Rapper bbboris releases his sweet and sensual single, “Ellie (on the low).”

After traveling the world and finding a sound that best suits him, bbboris found musical influences from Electronic, Psychedelia, and Trap. Now releasing moody and sultry R&B/Trap to win any listener over, bbboris’ music career has hit the ground running.

His recent hit, “Ellie (on the low),” takes listeners into the sweet stylings of bbboris with his witty and charming bars that naturally sweep us off our feet. Through his performance, we can feel this natural charisma exuding from bbboris’ vocals, especially over the blissful and serene R&B beat with Trap-inspired drums, the song offers heat and passion through each aspect.

“Ellie (on the low),” begins with bbboris’ low and relaxed vocals singing a sultry song of lust and passion. While the surrounding production kicks in, we’re lifted into this warm and tender atmosphere through nostalgic R&B keys, punchy Trap drums, and a warm electronic bassline.

We love the authenticity that bbboris’ vocals serve, through his minimal autotune effects, we’re still able to hear the raw emotion that he’s exuding while spicing it up with modern aspects and elements. Ending the song off on a high sonic note with bbboris’ broad vocal range, the track offers listeners an inevitable sense of passion.

We love the modern vibes that bbboris has captured with his sweet R&B banger, “Ellie (on the low),” and we’re staying hopeful for more blissful tunes to follow.

Check out "Ellie (on the low)" here.

We’re basking in the heat of your sensual and passionate single, “Ellie (on the low).” What pushed you to create a sultry single like this?

This song really came out of a lot of memories and feelings from a past relationship that ended in a bizarre love triangle a few years back. There's no negativity there at all now but at the time I was hurt and had a lot of feelings I wasn't even able to understand and articulate. I meditated on this for a few years and I think as time went on I finally found the words and the tone of the message I wanted to convey and put it all into this song as a sort of farewell to that relationship and the person I was at that time. When I finally released this song it definitely felt like a weight off my chest. I'm actually really glad because out of all my serious romantic relationships, this was the only one that had not received its own song yet as it took me so long to process. It's kind of funny because a lot of my love life (and death) can be traced through my SoundCloud.

The production within your single, “Ellie (on the low),” is incredibly warm and somewhat nostalgic of past R&B. How did you create the sonics to offer this blissful and nostalgic tone?

BIG shoutout to Thai Beats!! Thai Beats produced the track and he has been killing the beat game on youtube for a while now. His beats are like a rite of passage for many artists coming up. As soon as I heard this beat I knew it was the one. This question was super vital as it has reminded me to put his tag in the video, thank you! If anybody is reading this and needs some serious production go to YouTube right now and get yourself some Thai Beats. This beat, in particular, was an RnB type beat, so given your notes on nostalgia, you can tell he knows what he's doing with the production. 

We noticed that you also released a music video for, “Ellie (on the low).” What was your shooting process like, and how did you come up with the ideas for your visuals? How does the video complement the song?

The shooting process was fun, quick, and easy! One of my good friends Jack Winemiller shot the video, and he has his own production studio now so he's doing great. My other homie from Europe did the edits and he goes by @othercuts so a big shout out to him too. We shot the whole video around places that brought me a lot of tranquility and serenity growing up so they're all local spots from La Mesa, California. I'm big into mountains and lakes so that's pretty much what's in the video.

I really wanted people to see where I'm from, not just from a physical standpoint, but also from a mental and emotional perspective as well. That's why I actually did a lot of the directing to capture certain alignments of foliage, sunbeams, and views; all the sorts of things I'd notice being there on my own. Something kind of interesting is that the only other person in the video is actually a total stranger!  He was a rock climber that had actually seen me shooting on the mountain and was kind of making fun of me so then I stopped and asked him to be in the video with me! A lot of people thought he was my friend but we didn't know each other at all beforehand. Once we actually got to shooting the guy was super cool and he even smoked with me; we ended up becoming friends more or less after that so all's well that ends well. 

We’ve heard that you recently found your sound, with help from traveling the world and experiencing different music scenes. How did you narrow down your sound to find what suits you best?

I think I'm constantly finding my sound over and over. Each time, it's a little more refined and reflects more of me out to the world. It was never so much about narrowing as it's been about understanding how I fit into different cultures, scenes, and places and then saying my piece about it in a way that makes sense to myself. A lot of my music actually serves to bring people that usually would have nothing to do with each other into deep and intimate relations. My sound has been refined through my constraints. I can't afford to get a guitar and synthesizers and a sitar and all the stuff I want right now to really be able to experiment how I'd like to and I don't really have many friends to start a band as I did in the past, so I had to find a way to perfect what I did have, which was my voice and computer. I'm not anywhere near perfect but I definitely put years into listening to beats, recording myself and other artists, and launching a few musical careers, all off my laptop. I have found my voice. I make RnB, and Trap, and all that but you can also catch acoustic tracks on my latest album as well as some Emo, Witch-house, and indie cuts from previous releases. No matter what sounds you'll hear me on you'll recognize my voice, and that will bring the vibe and the atmosphere. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

I feel that 2020 has no shortage of inspiration no matter who you are. It's been kind of a crazy year for pretty much everyone and there's so much to process emotionally, mentally, and physically. That kind of processing is a great source of inner inspiration. I am personally a very spiritual person and am very connected to nature and my loved ones. It used to be big dramatic things that inspire me but in 2020 I've found it's the little things that set my mind racing and my emotions flowing. Just going on walks with my dog Goku can be super inspiring, or sitting in my backyard, or watching San Diego come alive at night from the gaslamp district. As a wise man once said, 'what a time to be alive.'