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Submerge Yourself in the Sensuous Depths of "Fallin," from L.A. Artist SoundzofZen

The wholesome and consciousness elevating power this LA-based artist provides when performing under the cognomen "SoundzofZen," feels like a blessing.

The serenader is known for bestowing her musical catalogs with profound self-empowering messages, and throughout her artistic development in the heart of L.A, she's established her niche sound as ominous, sensual, and magnetically captivating.

This year with her core ethos as her guiding compass "SoundzofZen" comes out swinging and swaying in her natural ambient form, where she buzzes with a wavering voice on "Fallin." 

"Heaven's a state of mind," those are the resounding words featured in the hook of "Fallin." It's a tedious cut that dissolves into its idling pace with an adhesive R & B texture; twinking samples highlight the mix's backdrops, a thumping sub, and a sensually charged vocal performance. "I'm falling through the clouds, it is hard to keep the faith," she sings with a monochromatic tinge in the verses, before swelling into a more impassioned rhythmic bounce in a Hip-Hop reminiscent breakdown in as the song divulges its honey-sweet juices.

The topline melody is not so much sing-along anthemic blitz as it is a hymn-like chant that lands calmly in our subliminal minds; opening up our appetite for the sensual offerings that SoundzofZen concedes to us on, "Fallin."

What was your mindset going into this year regarding the recording of "Fallin," and the process of its release?

The song was recorded sometime last year. Going into it was really more of a release for me from what I was going through at that moment. I didn’t have any premeditated thoughts about the song or what I was going to do with it. Once it was done, that’s when I knew it was a moment in my growth as a person that I wanted to be on my upcoming album. 

How do you fuel your artistic energy when you hit a writer's block and is this something you often do?

Yes, there are many moments that I experience more of an emotional block and I find myself stuck. When that happens I walk away for the moment and come back to it with a more balanced and open state of mind. Creativity is a beautiful gift for me and I love it when inspiration strikes and it's more of me having to "catch" the song rather than the energy of forcing something.  

How did your creative intuitions land you in front of a microphone singing from the depth of your heart in the first place?

My dad is a producer and singer-songwriter, so ever since I was a little girl it's been my dream. It wasn't until I went through a really tough time recently battling depression and working towards my recovery that I realized music is the only place where I make sense. It's where I experience my connection with something bigger than myself.

Can we expect to see you collaborating with anyone later this year? Or is that something that happens when the opportunity strikes itself?

Maybe not this year because all of my energy is being focused on the completion of my album and getting that released, but definitely in the future. Collaborations are one of my favorite things to do. I'm blessed to have a lot of talented friends. ️

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

My dream of one day being able to reach people that need to hear what I have to say. Music has always been medicine for me, so my dream is to be that for others.



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