Submerge Yourself into the Intoxicating Vibes Behind Ludic's "Heart Emoji"

With a bopping bass-line, guitar riffs, and the intoxicating accent for each downbeat, "Heart Emoji" opens up with the same amount of jovial heart-mush sentiment that the emoticon would produce after receiving it from someone you secretly have a crush on. 

Comprising members, Ayla Tesler-Mabe and brothers Max and Rhett Cunningham, have already shared the stage with alternative-blues soulster Brittany Howard, and musical virtuosos, Snarky Puppy.

"Heart Emoji" focuses on reminiscing over the past and holding faith in a new romance amidst an old spark. There is an adhesive backdropping anecdote that embellishes the feeling of upliftment you get when diving into the other-worldly soul-pop aesthetic the Vancouver based band Ludic produces so naturally on this single. Think if Duo Lipa matched up with the articulated minds behind Lawrence to cover the crooning swoonsters of the 70s. 

Funk-guitars, twinkling bells, articulating bass-lines, and a steady drummer who never waivers offbeat overwhelms you with how much hot-blood infatuation sits behind every intended accent they dispatch.

At two-minutes, "Heart Emoji" down-shifts into their uniquely described "Alien-Motown" dominions, where modulating synths chirp radically above a deep-grooving rhythm section; that collude together amongst cow-bells, percussion, and oscillating pads.