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Submit To The Delicate Sounds That Reign From Corey Hales' Latest Single, "Fallin' Down"

Corey Hales has an unexpected voice considering his style and stature. He has been evolving his vocal performance since he was 18 months old, and at a young age, he had already established himself as a promising up-and-coming artist in the Boston area.

An active songwriter since his freshman year of high school, his wide range of influences and innate creativity yield a refreshing new sound. With a well-developed ear, his songs bring encapsulating energy and his personal touch allows his songs to be both catchy and unique.

Presenting a modern-day love story through his intricately crafted lyrics, Corey Hales' latest single, “Fallin’ Down,” delves into the soothing union of Pop essence meets Contemporary R&B spirits. The delicate guitar riffs in the instrumentation carry forth a comforting ambiance as we are offered up to a warm embrace.

The minimalistic resonance creates a whirlwind of emotions as we gravitate towards Corey Hales and sink into the raw sentiments that grace the harmonious bliss Corey Hales vocalizes. As we open up our mindset to the themes in which Corey Hales has us swooning over, we fixate our attention on the method in which he exudes a wide vocal range in such an effortless manner. A talent is truly outstanding as you follow the evolving progression of his poignant timbres.

“Fallin’ Down,” has a certain charisma that flaunts the heartfelt emotions of Corey Hales as we accept them on a silver platter. In the melodious collision of the full-circle relatability that this song carries forth, we must admit, Corey Hales has us under his spell. As we add this track next to our queue, we encourage you to take a listen and feel the music that he provides as he moves you in ways that you didn’t think you could be moved.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Corey Hales, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Fallin’ Down.” With such profound lyrics, where did your inspiration stem from on the songwriting scale of this track?

I wrote this song as a way to explain to myself how I was feeling. I was going through a complicated patch in what lead to be the end of a relationship, and I was becoming aware of what I needed in a partner at that time. This song was asking my partner if they could be all that I needed.

What do you hope that listeners take away from this particular release?

I think we all need to assess our own personal needs on a regular basis, not out of vanity or self-obsession, but so that you and whomever you chose to surround yourself with can thrive.

Do you have a favorite part of the creative process that you enjoy the most?

The part about being a creator that I enjoy most is the fact that I’m always able to create in a way that moves me. One day I can obsess over some feeling that I have and scribble it all down on a page, and other days I get to stand in front of strangers and serenade them with my deepest secrets.

This is one of three songs that you’ve more recently written, what do listeners have in store for what’s next?

Honestly, I’m very lucky to have musical friends that inspire me, because I get to write, record, or work in some capacity with people I love almost every day. This being the case, in conjunction with me being a young independent artist, my goal is to learn and grow as an artist and as an individual with every song.

What is your favorite quote?

My grandfather always told me “don’t forget to paint the baseboards.” The baseboard of a house is the trim on the bottom of the wall. This quote basically means: pay attention to every detail even when you are tired and want to quit, because doing so is not that much more work than what you are already going to do, and it will pay off in the long run.

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