Sugar’s Never Been So Sweet, With Robin Gabrielle’s “Hey Sugar!”

Pop/R&B artist Robin Gabrielle is back on BuzzMusic, this time with her sweet and savory hit “Hey Sugar!”

While her inspirations range across different genres, Robin Gabrielle wanted to provide her listeners with something new and different through 1940’s vocal harmonies, modern R&B elements, and soft textured vocals. Although her recent single “Hey Sugar!” ranges more into the pop/R&B field, we can hear through Robin Gabrielle’s vocals how broad her inspirations must be. She ties in nostalgic R&B beats with modern pop vocals, bringing us a track that pulls us in from every corner.

Kicking off with fuzzy vocals that seem to be in reverse, “Hey Sugar!” provides a variety of underlying tones to the track. Once the beat kicks in, Robin Gabrielle’s vocals bring a vibrant energy to the song as she begins singing about the infatuation she’s developed for someone. At the energetic chorus, Robin Gabrielle strikes us with relatable lyrics of having a family member not approve of the other person, but where you see all the beauty for yourself. She provides incredible vocal harmonies that take us back in time and lets her catchy R&B/pop instrumentals travel into our souls. Robin Gabrielle definitely has remarkable talent that’s hard to miss, experience it with her recent sweet single “Hey Sugar!”

We love the energy on your recent single “Hey Sugar!.” How did you find such positive and heartfelt lyrics when writing “Hey Sugar!”  

Thanks for having me, and I’m so glad you like it! For this song, I wanted to write a song that showcases a woman approaching a man and letting him know how she feels in a pure and simple way without the profanity that’s found in a lot of today’s music.  I wanted to bring people back to a simpler time.

Speaking on your recent single “Hey Sugar!”, the song provides a dynamic instrumental blending R&B and elements of pop. What were you originally going for when creating the overall tone and atmosphere for the song?

Honestly, I wanted to take people into my world and show them what my mind looks like and what I see when I close my eyes. -  A complete mind trip of purples, blues, and greens haha! But in a musical aspect, I wanted the tone of this song to feel beautifully nostalgic – almost like your going back in time in some ways by its use of the string motifs and 50’s harmonies throughout and more specifically in the bridge. –While still keeping it fresh with the other instruments. Long story short, I wanted this piece to be pure happiness.

In regards to Robin Gabrielle’s upcoming project “Something Different” dropping this year, does your track “Hey Sugar!” tie in with the project, or is it something totally different?

Hey Sugar!” definitely ties into the project by providing a nice contrast between the rest of the tracks which will have slightly darker feel like in “Providence Serenade”. However, this piece will be a little more on the R&b/ Pop side than the rest of the tracks. 

In your last interview with BuzzMusic, you stated that you’re looking to tie in the big band decade, and also incorporate sounds from indigenous people from all over the world. Why are these elements important to you, and what made you choose to take this route?

Those musical styles were styles that I connect with on a deeper level.- It’s where I feel the most like myself. –Maybe I was born in the wrong decade haha! But in all seriousness, the ’40s and ’50s were a wonderful time for music when so much work went into creating music/melodies. As for the indigenous styles, I just adore the naturalness of it all. And I want to showcase those styles to bring something different to the table.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Definitely more music, some live stream concerts, and once everything opens, I’ll be performing when I can.