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Sulene Revs The Senses In A New Music Video For, "Electrosexual"

From South Africa to Brooklyn, New York, is barely thirty-year-old musical mastermind and singer-songwriter Sulene with her deftly-thematic and exhilarating new music video for "Electrosexual."

Sulene perfectly embodies the essence of the elusive 'it' factor, having written music for commercials for Nike and Dior, performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and toured as the guitarist for Nate Ruess' (fun.) live band. Her music offers a lively blend of synth-drenched electro-pop anthems tossed around with crunchy hints of Nine Inch Nails-like industrial rock.

Preparing to release her upcoming EP 'In The Style of David Lynch' on April 29, Sulene gives us a sweet taste of what to expect with her recent thrilling single and accompanying music video for "Electrosexual." The song itself is a tantalizing blend of sultry synthpop, driving industrial rock guitars, and Sulene's sensually-inclined vocals that leave us gripped.

The song's new music video goes a hell of a lot deeper. This short film-esque video kicks off with a subdued Sulene gazing into a video of bedazzled women dancing around an arcade. As she becomes more intrigued by the second, we zoom into Sulene's mind, where she's seen in a red LED-lit arcade dressed in a sleeveless leather bodysuit, posing and leaning on different games.

As she joins the bedazzled ensemble in a captivating group number, Sulene peels back to the top of an arcade game to expose the path between fantasy and reality. Meeting up with the "Electrosexual" version of herself, confused as to what's happening, this Sulene 2.0 slyly drops off a VHS at Sulene's door, ending the video the same as it began, with the artist gazing into what she just experienced.

We're sure any viewer will feel compelled to solve the thought-provoking and erotic puzzle that is Sulene's new titillating music video for "Electrosexual," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sulene. We were drawn in when watching your other-worldly (and sultry) music video for "Electrosexual." Seeing that it's a compact short-film-like experience, what did you want the viewer to take away? What were your goals when creating the video?

My goal was to make a video with many layers to it. I think different people will get different things out of it. I will say if you're well-versed in David Lynch movies, you'll probably get something more specific out of it, as I'm referencing a lot of stuff from a specific Lynch film, but even if you're not a Lynch fan, I think there's a lot to uncover. I wanted to make something that was more like a short film than a music video, where hopefully, you could watch it a few times and start to uncover things in the storyline. There is a fully thought-out storyline throughout the video, haha, but I'm not gonna give away anything. I wanna see what people get from it on their own.

How did director SK Studio help execute your ideas and visions?

I storyboarded this video, and Spencer did a great job of bringing it to life. We actually talked through a lot of different story ideas and ended up with this one in the end. We've worked together on a lot of videos and photos at this point, and the more you create with another person, you start to understand each other's intentions more and more. It's really special. Spencer made it all happen, got the DP, the choreographer, the dancers, lights, cameras… everything you can think of. I'm more on the "ideas" side of things, haha. And outfits :) Oh, and I edited it.

What kind of listening experience should we expect on your upcoming EP, 'In The Style of David Lynch?'

More intense riffs, in-your-face lyrics, some experimental stuff. A burst of energy.

We have to ask — what's your favorite David Lynch film?

Lost Highway. And now I've given something away about the music video, haha.

We're so excited to hear the full album. How excited are you for the world to hear it?

I can't wait! It was such a labor of love, and it's really, really special to me. Honestly, I'm just grateful anyone listens to my music. It's really cool.


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