Sulk up With Tyler Mars Latest Single “Red"

Tyler Mars is a Pico Rivera based artist who’s music is all about setting a vibe, this is especially true in his latest release “Red”, which was produced by his producer Bobbybeatz. Since beginning to release music in 2019 Tyler has been perfect his craft with his producer to keep putting out music that creates an emotional connection with the listener.

“Red” is one of those late rainy night tunes that you put on while sulking on the couch. This downtempo Hip-Hop tune has a really intimate feeling to it that allows for us to really feel it inside, “Red” hits you deep. Tyler’s lyricism and creativity really shine here, there are a ton of thought-provoking hooky lyrics that instantly get stuck in your head. Combined with Tyler’s creative vocal effects that suddenly transform from a slightly ambient rap to lo-fi telephone effects, this release will keep you constantly on your toes. “Red” features a soft intimate piano, soft little violin melodies, a downtempo 808 drum rhythm, and of course Tyler’s exciting rap performance that will leave you wanting more. This is a release that shows the latest and greatest of Tyler Mars and we are thrilled to see what he puts out next.

You can listen to “Red” here. 

Hey Typer Mars! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release “Red” seems to be about falling in love with someone, how do these lyrics connect with you? What was the inspiration behind them? 

The inspiration for this song had to do with my past relationship when I was with her too me she was the baddest chick.

We are loving the collaboration between you and Bobbybeatz, how did the two of you meet? What is the workflow like between the two of you when you’re creating a song?

It’s actually a crazy story Bobbybeatz and I went to high school together but we hardly spoke Till we had a summer school class and really got to know another one another & we would finish our work and just start freestyling to beats one YouTube and we instantly connect and had been my brother ever since. Creating music with this dude is the most amazing feeling in the world that which makes the workflow so consistent.

It’s definitely exciting to live in multiple cities in your life! How has living in both LA and Pico Rivera influenced the music that you are creating? What was that transition like when you had moved out of LA? Did that inspire any music?

Most definitely living both cities have had a huge impact on my music and the culture I want to build the move itself was little hard because we had to leave the home me and my sister were raised in so the move was a little tough but Pico has Treated me and my family with open arms and we love it here.

Since starting to release music in 2019 you definitely have come a long way, how do you think you have grown as an artist since your first release? Do you have any goals that you are aiming to achieve for future releases?

With each song, I Release We truly feel we are getting better and better every time we are always improving and always setting the mood.