SULLS Latest Release Enfuses Sonic Flavors From Around the Globe on " Rhythm's a Feeling"

This captivating artist's Urban styles are established using a more egalitarian approach. Having been raised by an Irish father and a Puerto Rican mother, the Queens native's productions are influenced by a hodgepodge of captivating rhythms and warm textured styles from all across the globe. This year with his notary Nom de Plume—SULL, the elegant R&B nostalgic intoner infuses some of his all-encompassing sonic inclinations into an adhesive blood pumping single that reminds us of Pool Parties in Ibiza; titled "Rhythm's a Feeling."

Orchestrated by oscillating synth pads and an affecting building up of energy, the opening moments in "Rhythm's a Feeling" feel like a muted day-dream before the snap of SULL's fingers recenter us and seduces us with his spellbinding R&B reminiscent vocals. The bassline bounces and twirls the way it would in a Dua Lipa production, leading us on with its enamoring saturation and groove. But here, as the house-like build-up slowly tweaks the filter knob from zero to ten, we're swiftly plunged into a hybrid world of Dance-vibes, heavy bass, and addicting melodies. 

SULL's stylistic amalgamations produce a track that glides from Soul-binding stanzas and into an enveloping dance production that operates over orchestrations of dynamic harmonies and an intoxicating rhythm that provokes an enthusiastic and sensual choreography; it's like the man himself is singing for us on a yacht, as it's cruising over the patina shores of Puerto Rico. There's no doubt that SULL produces an abundance of captivating music, but the secret is in his dashes of sonic flavorings from the sunniest corners of our globe for this track.

A warm welcome back to BuzzMusic SULLS, it's great to sit down and discuss your latest single "Rhythm's a Feeling." What do you hold as your core ethos for why you started producing music in the first place?

The core reason for me creating music is a way to reflect upon the experiences I’ve had, what I’ve seen and felt at these specific moments of my life. They all play significant roles within my own growth as an artist in which I allow myself to share throughout my work. 

Where do you see your musical career taking you at the end of this year?

To be honest I never think that far ahead. Before I would have drawn out strategic plans in motion, but nowadays I feel simply blessed to be sharing my music through times like this when it’s needed most. Realistically my focus is to be genuine and create music that resonates life in all forms that we all can relate to.

How do you approach blending your inspired stylistic influences with such cohesiveness, while avoiding tastelessness? 

My approach is purely off a vibe I get while listening to a particular track. From that I take my pen and jot down any ideas I may get from there. The real magic comes from listening back to the concepts built off the track while it’s being recorded. Aside from that, lyrics need to be very descriptive in order to make each track stand out and sound different from the previous work I’ve done.

What can we expect from your new music reaching us later this year, and do you plan on harboring new affluence for any other style of music down the road?

I’m always pushing my creativity towards an edge throughout my sound, style, and approach which allows me to highlight the eclectic pallet of music I find inspire me. 

With that said, simply stay tuned.