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Summer Brennan Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve In Her Newest Single, “Nowhere”

Based in Orange County, California, Pop singer and songwriter Summer Brennan releases her award-worthy new single “Nowhere.”

Summer Brennan is a 16-years-old artist who channels her feelings towards her experiences through singing and songwriting. It is hard to process the great contrast between disappointments and the beauty of modern society, but music offers a way of reflecting on it. In that matter, you must hear what such a talented musician as Summer has to say.

“Nowhere” is a point where exceptional songwriting and instrumentals meet Summer Brennan’s fantastic vocal skills and expression. Summer shows passion when her lyrics talk about a dreamy but gone love, and her song starts low but keeps building up emotional energy, like saying that there is always hope in melancholy.

Getting into “Nowhere” starts with a gentle, touching acoustic guitar enveloping your senses. Soon, Summer’s soothing voice sings an invitation to ‘drive to nowhere,’ which, combined with the instrumental, lets you picture a silent but pleasant company with whom you can just live the moment.

As “Nowhere” keeps playing, more instrumentals show up, building a wall of sound. A second guitar, bass, and a tender piano accompany Summer Brennan’s vocals, who keeps singing higher notes as she opens her heart and shows her vulnerability. When it reaches its peak, you can’t help but feel the shivers in your skin.

In addition, watch the music video; the breathtaking landscapes reaffirm the sentimental feeling of listening to “Nowhere.” Thus, click play and surrender to Summer Brennan’s “Nowhere."

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Summer Brennan, and congratulations on your latest release, "Nowhere." What is the story that inspired “Nowhere?”

This story is about another person and me growing apart and how I did not completely understand why we grew apart. This song is my way of saying, “can we pretend for a moment nothing changed?” And then questioning, “wait, why did we grow apart?” This song is genuinely me speaking out loud through the end of a relationship with someone.

What did the creative process of "Nowhere" look like?

I started this song on my bedroom floor with my thoughts and a keyboard. I usually repeat a chord progression and then start mumbling to myself the story. The things I never say in a conversation somehow always come out when I’m on the floor of my room singing to myself.

How did writing “Nowhere” make you grow as an artist?

Writing nowhere is one of my most intimate and emotional songs. Writing songs is my way to get over harder times in my life, so after I wrote this song, I felt like I was able to touch upon different emotional aspects in my writing.

Is there a message you would like to add to "Nowhere?"

I feel that I have said all I need to say within my song, but I hope my experience helps people who also didn’t get their closure to a slow-fading relationship.

What’s next for you?

My goals are to continue releasing music and eventually release an EP! I will also continue doing live performances and collaborating with other artists.

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