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Summer Is Sounding "Super Delicious" Thanks To Megan Vice

The New-York born, LA-based singer, songwriter, and advocate is craving something sweet.

One day, deep in the pulsating heart of New York City, a star was born. Megan Vice, an artist who can only be described as a whirlwind of positive musical energy, has broken down barriers and crashed through glass ceilings to establish herself as a bonafide Pop star.

Now residing in the City of Angels, she’s swiftly risen to prominence with her captivating, soulful vocals and ear for irresistibly dancy disco-funk bangers. When you also throw in her effortlessly brilliant lyricism and ability to find grooves that set souls ablaze, you end up with an artistic experience that is both one-of-a-kind and not to be missed.

As a seasoned and accomplished performer, Vice has graced stages alongside industry luminaries like Sofi Tukker, St. Lucia, and even the legendary Wyclef Jean, showing her ability to captivate audiences as easily on the scene. Just as strong a writer as a musician, she’s also written and designed songs for the iconic RuPaul’s Drag Race, David LaChapelle, and even FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s non-profit.

If you haven’t guessed already, Vice’s talent is practically boundless, and her dedication to her music and using it as an uplifting source of good has made it impossible not to cheer her on as she propels herself to stardom. Apart from being an ally and advocate of the queer community, she also heads a feminist movement called “Death To Ageism,” a space that advocates and fights to end the gendered ageism rampant in the music and entertainment industries.

In “Super Delicious,” both the namesake of her sophomore EP and a captivating single in its own right, Vice continues redefining the boundaries of her artistry and advocating for respect, love, and acceptance for all. Although it’s been a minute since she released it, Pride Month is the perfect time to revisit this timeless release. Featuring a music video that shows members of the queer community freely expressing themselves and having fun by the seashore,

Vice’s melodic, disco-funk grooves once again melt your worries away as the music makes you dance. As she drops lyrics like “Every time I say I’ma do it different / Find myself right back in the same position /No surprise because you’re super delicious,” Vice’s pure, euphoric energy ensures “Super Delicious” doesn’t only encourage you to dance, it enables you to sing.

Megan Vice has managed to become both a musical force for good and a radiant star whose brilliance knows no bounds. Whenever you’re ready to lose yourself on the dance floor, tap in and stream “Super Delicious,” available on all major streaming platforms, and experience Megan Vice, the disco-funk supernova ready to ignite your soul and make you move like never before.

We loved the sound and video for “Super Delicious.” It’s so catchy and danceable! We wanted to ask, what was it like shooting the music video for it? How did “Super Delicious” even come to be?

The "Super Delicious" video was actually completely impromptu! I'd initially written a couple treatments that were to be shot in studio, but then I went to Fire Island for the first time to celebrate a friend's birthday, a and the energy was just so silly and so fun and so fucking FREE that I was like ok bitch we're scrapping all that because THIS is the video, this vibe right here!

With just an iPhone and a vision, I started filming me and my friends all weekend having a good time! Partying, doing our makeup, dancing on the beach dressed in ridiculous costumes, and then I thought to have a few of them say "SUPER DELICIOUS" into the camera so that I could sync those clips to the song in post.

Florence Given recently coined the term "living deliciously," which I absolutely love, and I am absolutely certain the reason why this music video is such a delight to watch is because it captures people doing exactly that, living deliciously! SUPER deliciously

So you’re pretty vocal with showing your different advocacies. You mentioned you run a space called “Death To Ageism” how did that happen, and what does “Death To Ageism” mean to you?

Death To Ageism is a space I created at the beginning of this year with the intention of abolishing gendered ageism towards women in the music industry and to inspire a community of women who feel like their time is running out! The only thing running out of time is this archaic narrative.

I'm 33 years-young, and I've had men in the industry tell me I should start hiding my age before I was even 27!!! TWENTY-SEVEN! I constantly hear things from men like "wow it's great you look so young because it's more marketable!"... and it's like... MORE MARKETABLE TO WHO, EXACTLY?? Pedophiles? Jeffrey Epstein?! People in their 30s+ don't listen to music or consume art?? Make it make sense... explain it to me like I'm five...

This misogynistic, patriarchal narrative has been beaten into us since the inception of celebrity, and the only reason why it is still happening in 2023 is because we as women have been conditioned to believe it, so we either give up or we play into it by lying about our real age to appear younger to the public, which only fuels the narrative that the patriarchy wants to uphold.

So many women I know in music, myself included, have all experienced emotional breakdowns feeling like we were getting too old to pop by age 25, and it's really just so fucking ridiculous. I don't want any more young girls in music ageing with dread. I want young girls to age with joy, gratitude and excitement about their futures as creatives. You know, like how boys and men are allowed to.

Death To Ageism is a universal call to all women in music, entertainment, TV & film globally to come together. We must wake up as a collective to the understanding that our voices currently hold more power than ever in human history. Period. Fact. Full stop. Reread that sentence and wholly absorb it.

It's not the 90's anymore!! Artists don't need record labels the way we used to, so why are we still feeding into these bullshit crusty-ass ideologies like we used to?? It stops now cuz *PLOT TWIST BABES* beep beep now WE got the keys to the jeep, vroooooom!

The more women artists, musicians, actors, and entertainers that start publicly and proudly disclosing their real ages, the less power this narrative will have on us, eventually rendering it fully obsolete! Death To Ageism represents the reclamation of a women's divine right to age, and be seen, to create art and be respected and appreciated in all of our forms in an industry that has historically not allowed us to.

You’ve graced the stage for many different luminaries including yourself. Do you have any performances that you can say stand out in your mind as your favorite? What was your favourite performance like?

My favorite performance was when I played in Tokyo a few years ago! My music is popular within dance communities throughout Asia and so a couple dance crews traveled all the way from Osaka (like 5 hours out of town!) just to attend the show and to dance for me, it was incredible and brought me to tears. This was my first time in Japan and my first time performing outside of the country, so it was such a surreal experience to see people in the audience knowing all the words to my songs. I love my Japanese fans so much and can't wait to come back!

What does music mean to you as an artist and person? As an artist, what motivates you to continue making music?

Music to me is a medium that we use to express, as well as to feel the full spectrum of human emotion, which is why so many different genres exist! There is a type of sound attached to every bit of energy you can possibly imagine!

As an artist what motivates me to continue making music is the life experience. I transmute my feelings into song. I'm a Cancer sun, Cancer moon, AND a Cancer venus so I've got a lot of feelings, too many if you ask me (or literally anyone who knows me), but thankfully making music is a healing outlet for me that has always been a natural part of my existence, like breathing. I must breathe to live, and the same goes for making music.

What has been the favorite part of your musical journey so far, and as you look to the future, is there anything you want to say to your fans? (Also, can we expect more new music soon?)

My favorite part of my musical journey so far is just seeing how much my style and sound have evolved over the years. It's a beautiful thing to look back on.

For my fans, I just want to say thank you for existing and as for new music, I'm currently finishing up a very special EP and I cannot wait to share it with you guys!!

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