“Summer Nights” by Doza Is This Years Summer Anthem

Doza is a Mexican-American rapper, who continuously is hitting his fans with new flavors of himself. Being in the Atlanta scene from such a young age, he had no option but to listen and create a variety of music. "Summer Nights" is just one side of himself; Doza hits any kind of beat. "Summer Nights" is a softer kind of song, but don’t be confused when you hear him on a hard Carti-type beat. Doza is undeniably one of these most versatile rappers to hit the new hip-hop scene, and "Summer Nights" just emphasizes this and his artistry. Doza shows gratification towards his Mexican side in this track with the instrumental. Flamenco-styled guitars start off the tune with sensible intentions to get the listeners in a summer-ish mood. Immediately this kind of vibe makes anyone want to get up and move their body. Not to mention the bass is absolutely booming, which adds to the motion of "Summer Nights". Furthermore, Doza does a great job of keeping vocal rhythm throughout the song. It never feels like the song is going to slow down anytime soon, and it always keeps the listener interested. However, at the ending of this song, the whole track slows down in pitch and in speed, finally letting the listeners unwind. Doza did a great job of keeping control of this piece and letting each individual shine at the right moments.

Listen to "Summer Nights" here.

Hey Doza! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are very proud to be representing your latest track “Summer Nights.”  Listening to your discography, you definitely don’t like to drive in one lane music-wise, meaning you're very versatile.  Is there any type of genre you would like to break into that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

I think the one genre that I personally haven't dived into as much as I should is the whole scream rap sub-genre like zillakami and them.

Growing up in Atlanta, it allowed you to experience a lot of different types of music. Do you think that this has allowed you to create your own type of music without being tied down to one genre?

Most definitely, what a lot of people don't know is that besides the trap sound there is a whole underground scene and different artists making their own waves and their own style of music and not just sticking to the same old trap beats and sound. The city is full of talented artists who deserve to get heard.

A lot of your lyrics are about coming from the bottom and really making a name for yourself.  Can you name one experience you have had recently where you can really see that your inspirations have changed you mentally or physically?

One experience that has changed me in all the jealousy and hating on other artists that I used to have when I first started making music kind of faded away. I told myself that I should never hate on another man's success and that my time is sure to come with a little bit of hard work, dedication, and patience everything will pay off.

In your tracks, you always mention your producer’s name in the title.  Do you enjoy collaboration in your field? Do you ever get to create your beats with other producers?

I always enjoy working with different producers and coming up with new sounds. Producers, mixers, and engineers don't deserve the credit that they're due. They're the reason why they make you sound the way you do. In a way, they hold the power in making what could be your next hit. That's why I always give credit where credit is due.

Thank you for talking with us Doza, and congratulations on "Summer Nights". What can we expect to hear next from you?

"Sins & Virtues" album drops on the 28th of February. I'm also working on a small collaborative ep with my collective "Black Rose" that should be dropping around April/May hopefully and also another small ep from me. Just know this is only the beginning for myself and my team as we're planning on taking over this year just wait. Thank you!