Sumwhr Drops A New R&B Crossover, “Foul”

Sumwhr is a talented artist from Watts, California. Formerly Novelle Vega, he’s the type of artist that is mellow yet admirably contemporary with his style of music. As a predominantly R&B/Hip-Hop artist, Sumwhr can take a variety of sounds within his category, and transform them in a way that sounds almost electronic. Sumwhr pours his authentic self into his music and uses his lyrics as an emotional outlet for his life. Music has shaped the person Sumwhr has become and acts as an integral aspect of his life.


“Foul” is a smooth R&B ballad from Sumwhr. “Foul” gives the listener a retrospective look at Sumwhr’s feelings and thoughts. “Foul” is a powerful new song that demands to be heard.

Equipped with a sultry voice and a catchy hook, Sumwhr weaves through storytelling elements through his emotive songwriting and R&B stylings. Sumwhr curates music that his listeners can relate to in order to forge original connections with his fans. Contemporary pop/hip-hop fused with R&B vibes give this track just enough soul for anyone to rock along with. “Foul” possesses contagious energy and an addicting melody that we’re bumping on repeat. Authentically Sumwhr’s style, “Foul” is a spectacular smooth track on it’s a way to the top. 

Check out “Foul” here!