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SUMWHR Takes Us Along For What's "Next"

As a melodic songwriter, producer, engineer, and sound architect whose music could be best described as wave R&B, SUMWHR's edgy approach has him pushing all boundaries.

Having grown up in Watts, a city where you could easily be lost in the system SUMWHR learned other ways to express himself due to developing independence at a very young age.

After a bright and impactful start as Novelle Vega and being featured on VH1's "Black Ink Crew," SUMWHR has crafted a new melodic texture that takes you on a journey with his endless ear candy, catchy lyrics, and harmonious vibes.

His most recent single, "Next," has us feeling the depths of our emotions. With mesmerizing energy that he professes as soon as he begins to perform, SUMWHR has a knack for drawing his audience into the meaning of his records. Each vocal layer emphasizes the creativity behind his songwriting techniques. Swooning over the textured dimensions emitted when SUMWHR's lush timbres cascade upon the delicate instrumentation, a gravitational pull ignites with our engagement.

We love the ultimate ambiance that SUMWHR expresses in his artistic style. It allows listeners to be transported to the intended destination that he has set out. Something that SUMWHR doesn't do is hold back, and you hear that in lyrics motifs like, "Runnin' up the tab for you. I just want a slow night. Got to let them candles burn. It's time to ride or die for me." Playing into the same amount of passion he uses to exude his emotions throughout "Next," SUMWHR takes it all to the next level with this overflow of inner sentiments.

R&B brings out some of the most animated displays of emotion; SUMWHR's wave R&B does precisely that. Having us eagerly await his next release, "Next" will be sticking in the rotation until then.

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