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A staple in the industry where he owns the genre ‘wave R&B,’ SUMWHR exudes an edgy approach that continues to push the envelope.

Having grown up in Watts, a city where you could easily be lost in the system, SUMWHR cultured himself in other ways to express himself from a young age.

With independence being a major key to his youth, his talents as a melodic songwriter, producer, engineer, and sound architect continue to pave a bright and impactful path for emerging artists.

Immediately drowning you in textured melodies that have you drowning in a pool of SUMWHR’s unique inflection, “ONA MISSION” is the latest installment in his musical journey.

The single carries forth a fresh essence that radiates dark undertones in an elevating song that outlines the mission he continues to endure as an individual making his way through life.

With independence being the topic of discussion, it’s apparent that his faith is unmatched. You can hear it as he passionately displays a vocalization that etches itself into your mind without trying too hard.

Laying on top of enticing hi-hats that trickle through the speakers, we’re exposed to instrumentation that doesn’t fit in the typical box of R&B. It’s rather refreshing as we take in the inimitable composition as a whole and as we separate the melody from SUMWHR’s lyrical candy.

His tonal distinction leaves you feeling satisfied yet at the same time wanting more from the budding artist. That alone has this song resonating with the instant replay factor in a major way. Effortless in the way he portrays his unapologetic personality, SUMWHR continues to show that he’s going places.

Zone in with “ONA MISSION” so you can bask in the radiance he seamlessly emits in this captivating track.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SUMWHR, and congratulations on releasing your latest single, “ONA MISSION.” You effortlessly portray your tenacity, which is truly quite inspiring. What moment or story encouraged you to pen heartfelt lyrics as such?

I wasn’t the best version of myself in the past, but I also knew I couldn’t let someone come into my temple and take advantage. I was with someone who I thought cared about me through and through, but finding out she didn’t is the worse feeling. The past is always a place I reflect on daily. Relationships are rollercoasters we board even when it could have the highest of highs and lowest of lows, you know. Pain is embedded in our own experiences.

When creating a record like “ONA MISSION,” how do you determine that it fits into your unique style of wave R&B? Do you find that you’d rather create freely or create to fit the genre you excel in?

Freely, I understand the importance of staying true but also, for me, it’s about eliminating the restrictions. I’m into starting with a blank canvas and seeing where my creativity takes me; I mean, sure, I have a distinctive sound that happens naturally during the creation process.

We understand that for artists to develop musical inspiration, life inspiration plays a big role in the content delivered. What non-musical aspirations do you have that continue to feed into who you are?

Honestly, the thing that drives me the most is my kids. They keep me level-headed and living in the moment. They are the reason I put so much into my music industry journey. I truly hope I make them proud.

As someone who focuses on independence, what words of encouragement do you have for your audience looking to you for motivation?

I would say to keep dreaming and never give up, especially when the road gets tough. There will be people who don’t believe in or support your movement, which is fine. We should never look to people for validation; we should only focus on self-evaluation, drive, and, most importantly, consistency.

What can we expect to see and hear next from you?

Next for me will be a lot of new song releases, so stay tuned, and we will connect again.

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