Sunfade Releases a Serene Ballad With His Latest Single, "Fullmoon"

From Philidelphia to Brooklyn, the Alternative Singer/Songwriter and Musician Sunfade releases a sincere piece with his recent single, "Fullmoon."

Known for his intimate Lo-Fi Pop sound met with strong melodies and rich electronic backgrounds, Sunfade has decided to expand his sound and give an ode to 60s and 70s Rock. Especially with his latest single, "Fullmoon," listeners can experience Sunfade's entire musical journey merely through this one heartfelt piece. 

Speaking on the bliss and serenity Sunfade bestows upon us with "Fullmoon," not only are listeners able to hear a similar vocal tone to the late great John Lennon, but Sunfade does an incredible job of rounding out the sonics to offer a sweet combination of past and present sounds.

With the heartfelt ballad "Fullmoon," the song opens with smooth acoustic guitar strumming setting the song's bright atmosphere. Once Sunfade's filtered and breathy vocals appear, there's truly no turning back as he offers this magnetic and electric performance through each lyric. As the song continues, minimal instrumentation begins to emerge through warm electronic pads, soft piano keys, and vibrant percussion patterns. 

Sunfade tells an incredibly endearing and heartfelt story of never wanting to flee from someone's presence while describing the "Fullmoon" in their eyes. Ending the song off with peaceful space through the calming instrumentals, we truly couldn't have asked for a more heartfelt, honest, and genuine piece. 

Sunfade has outdone himself with his latest release, "Fullmoon," as he naturally swoons the listener with the song's overall heart, desire, and passion. Especially through Sunfade's genuine lyricism, the song makes for an uplifting experience. 

We're truly captivated by the warmth and serenity exuding from your single, "Fullmoon." What inspired such a heartfelt ballad?

It’s a love song, one written in seclusion during a chaotic year. But, I felt more love than I ever have during these unnerving times. The song was made being stuck in a room looking out a window. I felt wrong for writing something like this seeing as so many were hating this time of life. I loved it so much. I just wanted to offer a little of the peace I found in this season to everyone else.

We can't help but hear a resemblance to John Lennon through your vocals and melodies in "Fullmoon." Was this done on purpose, seeing as you looked towards the 60s and 70s Rock to inspire the single's sound?

I wanted to bring an authentic sound that felt organic and natural to me. I love that beautiful era of music in the 60s. Being that I record everything at home, I researched different techniques used during that time to get that vintage sound. I would lie down with headphones listening to vinyl and study everything. What makes these songs still so classic today? I wanted to make something that could have sounded good 50 years ago and will sound good 50 years from now.

We've heard that you're taking a new route regarding your sound, and "Fullmoon" is the first of your transition. Did you collaborate with any musicians or producers to help bring your vision of the song to life?

I initially was scared to put Fullmoon out. I kept feeling like I wasn’t allowed to make this kind of music because it wasn’t “cool” enough. But, this song is the music I’ve always wanted to make. The people that helped me create Fullmoon pushed me to bring to side of myself to light. Sunfade prior has been mostly a solo effort but this song is family business. Everything from production to instrumentation to marketing is carefully thought out and tirelessly perfected by so many people around me. And you hear it, this song is a massive step up in quality and feels because of the people who helped put it together with me. A 3-minute song can take 30 people and a year to make, and amidst worldwide chaos, I think that’s such a triumph.

Seeing as you've recently made a switch with your sound, what pushed you to sonically expand and give an ode to 60s and 70s Rock?

I’m an old soul and it’s my all-time favorite era of music. The outlook and energy of that time is something I dream about. Our parents listened to Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder on the radio, and those songs still resonate today. I want to think about longevity and timelessness in my music. I want to bring back a certain level of excellence in mainstream music, holding massive artists to higher standards. We need to open the doors to different sounds and more people. There’s room at the top. I feel like past decades got this right. We need to get back to that. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see from you as we go into 2021?

Love and people hold me inspired. I know fear and chaos are the headlines, but I think so much beauty has come from this year. People asking questions, flooding the streets to stand against injustice. Maybe I’m too optimistic but I’m hopeful for the future. 

In 2021 hopefully, you’ll see me jumping around on stage to some new peaceful and lovey sounds. And if we’re lucky, a full-length record and some vinyl with my friends at Gameball Records. No matter what, I’ll be writing and sharing for whoever wants to listen.