Sunnie Williams Shakes Our Foundations With Her New Pop Single, "Dear Life."

Over the past few years, Sunnie Williams has taken no recess to her artistic nature as a musical collaborator. As half of the enticing alt-pop synth-wave duo ØPAL, she wields her angelic voice like the secret weapon, bursting with ambient groove, waves of life, warmth, and wonder. As her solo musical endeavor cascades forward with full momentum, Sunnie is crafting melodic and pastoral southern pop songs for everyone to digest. Now, with the arrival of "Dear Life," a song primarily written by herself and her new collaborators, a fresh sense of weight and relevance lingers on the tongue. As we dive deep into the new phenomenon that is Sunnie Williams, we are reminded why she is such a sought after commodity through writing, producing, and singing.

"Dear Life" sails forward on an upbeat tropical-vibe rhythm, bright background synths, and Sunnie's brilliant, lilting soprano. The sunny energetic vibe is like the buoy to her lyrics, which find Williams struggling with what it means to find one's authentic self in this world and the vulnerability behind it. During the middle section, the rich instrumentation drops out in favor of an echoing vocal line, reverberating as if underwater and anchoring her newfound sense of focus. "If I put this weight down, would I float away," she sings, "I'm just hanging on for dear life." In William's hands, that useful mantra of self-reliance sounds like total bliss. Her presence totally rockets this song to the atmosphere. As the whole song erupts up into a final crescendo, vocal callbacks, thumping drums, and a grooving bassline lead the way. Ultimately, the masterfully crafted melodies tailored with the honest themes, and vulnerable lyrics attest to just how vital an authentic artist like Sunnie Williams is to the music industry. We want songs like "Dear Life", and we want more from Sunnie Williams.

Listen to "Dear Life" here.