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Sunny Birla Talks New Single "These Words" and More

Sunny Birla decided at a young age that music was what he had to pursue in life, music has always been his true calling of character. From a songwriting perspective, Sunny Birla is an artist that masters the set-up and builds to the drop of his songs beautifully. The hook resolves in a satisfying way, the title proves recognizable, easily memorable, and the fall back down to the verses fits in nicely and continues to keep you gripped. While his music is clearly a personal, intimate story, the details are balanced well with references that are a little vaguer, this has the effect of connecting with even the most distant of listeners in a genuine and powerful way. 

Targetting listeners and fans that can relate, Sunny's latest single “These Words” is pure pop balladry, taking the slow-dance form to a more introspective, lovelorn space. He consistently draws from his own life for inspiration, through his experiences of love, loss, emotional turmoil and his own battle with demons. “These Words” has been Sunny’s only release through 2019 but in 2018 he released 3 other pop singles that are well worth a listen. Currently, Sunny Birla is working towards releasing more music in the near future! Stay tuned for more from this incredible artist! Check out Sunny Birla’s music here.

Hey Sunny Birla, welcome back! We're completely captivated by your single “These Words” yet again! Can you tell us more about your intentions when you first began to curate your recent release?

Thank you! Yeah absolutely. These Words for me was a very intrinsically expressive song. My girlfriend had left the country to go work abroad and the difficulties that come with dealing with losing that proximity was the emotion that I tried to express. Everyone has dealt with some sort of loss. Be it the loss of a friend, partner, family and that loss could be a symbol of something too. My motivation was to capture that emotion, that essence and hopefully get people to relate.

You've had such a strong love and passion for music at such a young age! How do you think you and your music have grown since you first started writing, versus now?

I love this question! Music since a young age was so so different for me. My introduction to music was through the drums and I would listen to a lot of heavy stuff, much more of punk rock, alternative rock, and songs that challenged me on the drums. When I started writing, I found myself falling into more of a singer-songwriter genre, not intentionally, just happened to be that way because of my form of expression. So while my music journey has grown a lot, I hope it keeps growing and nurturing into something the world would be able to feel and understand. 

As well as releasing 1 single in 2019, you also released 3 singles in 2018! Can you tell us about these releases?

Yeah absolutely! I released Meant to Be as my first song because I wanted to include some of that “rock” influence that kick-started my music. Reverie Lie was a very very emotional song for me. It was one of the first songs that I actually wrote a while ago and it took me time to get comfortable listening to it and putting it out there. This was probably the only song that I wrote about my own struggles and demons. Maybe this summer was more experimental for me. I wanted to make a song a little more upbeat and while the lyrics portray the hardships of a relationship, the music has an uplifting feel that gives the lyrics some hope. 

Can we expect a music video from you in the near future? 

Yes!! For sure! That for me is one of the biggest things on my agenda. With the new music, I definitely want to put out videos too. I love visuals, I love dancing and I want to capture everything I love in my music. So you can definitely expect music videos in the future.

If someone could only listen to one of your tracks, what track would you suggest that fully encompasses the essence of your music?

Reverie Lie. I can’t pick favorites but to be honest, this song for me was the most emotional. If anyone wanted to understand me in 1 song, this would be it. Sounds depressing but I don’t look at it that way at all. I think it’s more this song resembles the emotions that I’ve dealt with but also shows that I’m comfortable acknowledging those emotions and moving forward with them.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you? Any shows in the near future?!

It’s been my pleasure! What next for me is more music haha. This year I haven’t released much as I’ve been working on new stuff. I’ve been working on my production too. So hopefully what’s next is very different from what has already been put out. I’m really looking to experiment, work with new people and hopefully produce a lot of my tracks myself. Regarding shows that’s definitely something that’s been on my mind. Early next year, I’ll be starting to play some shows around New York, definitely come by if you’re around in the area! Details would be all over my socials!


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