Suns of Cali Appreciate Art in All Its Forms With Their Recent Video, "Canvas"

Los Angeles based 4-piece Suns of Cali paints a mesmerizing picture with their recent music video for their hit, "Canvas."

Led by frontmen Allen Miranda and Chris "Howie" Cruz, Suns of Cali are continually making an effort to support the arts in all its forms.

With a blend of Latin and Hawaiian cultures, the laidback 4-piece shines a bright light on street art with their recent music video, while strumming their way into our hearts with "Canvas." With a lively performance and many detailed effects, Suns of Cali captures a dazzling music video that features the pristine street art encapsulating the city and culture of Los Angeles. 

Not to mention the overall song "Canvas," Suns of Cali provide a sweet downtempo tune with bright ukulele melodies, groovy percussion patterns, stimulating acoustic and electric guitar, and powerful vocals.

Singing about taking your time with art and putting heart into your creative endeavors, Suns of Cali back up this meaning with their brilliantly shot music video. With scenes of artists working on their street art, the amalgamation of the song and music video portrays such a deep passion for creativity, while reminding artists that their pieces never go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Suns of Cali have effortlessly brightened our day with their music video for "Canvas