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Sunset Aley Has Us Drowning In Our Wistful Emotions With, "The Way You Make Me Feel"

Born in Bellflower, California, Singer, and Songwriter, Sunset Aley takes on the true definition of a carefree independent woman. She began her singing voyage at the tender age of 6 years old. From commencing her desires with her church, the endless possibilities before her heightened.

With her unmatched work ethic, she delivers her most recent single, “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Dipping into the realms of Contemporary R&B meets sensual Pop echoes, Sunset Aley radiates her dimensional persona that is fortified by raw emotion and soul. In the delicate torrents of her divine vocalization, Sunset Aley immerses listeners in messaging that tells a tale of her intrapersonal sentiments towards the apple of her eye.

The mid-tempo instrumentation pulses with vitality as it lingers in our headspace as we offer ourselves to getting lost within the intoxicating musical creation before us. The affectionate embrace that acts as a sonic grasp, pulls us into the striking harmonies that refine the reverberated significance of, “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

Sunset Aley has a particular vivacity to her as an individual and an artist with the manner in which she pours her heart into the messaging she emits. Hoping to connect with her audience on a cerebral level, she carries herself with brilliant composure that transfers into the creative canvases she conveys into the world.

Living by evocative words that speak self-worth, perseverance, and faith, Sunset Aley has us eagerly awaiting the next charismatic releases she plans to launch.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sunset Aley! Congratulations on the release of, “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Could you please take us into what the lyrical inspiration stems from in the track?

The Way You Make Me Feel says everything in the name. I felt that it was initially the time to express what was in my heart and put it to the song. When choosing tracks I look for a certain frequency in the sound. If it doesn't speak to me within a couple of seconds then I move on. This track gave me such unexplainable energy that was never felt before. It's like being up so high and you just forget about everything. I needed to come up with something that was going to defy everything and take it where it needed to go. I also feel as though my particular sound isn't around anymore as far as sound and creativity that goes into the music itself. But yeah, I had to bring back the feeling music, and here it is.

How do you find the current state of your artistry evolving, verses from when you wrote your first song?

I think my artistry has evolved immaculately. I've become more involved with what's happening in the now with the world. I even wrote a BLM track. I'm learning that it's ok to seek assistance from other like-minded people like myself. It's alright, to get out there and do what you desire.

What do you hope to convey in terms of themes and messaging to your audience with the music that you create?

I just want the audience to join in on my wavelength and ride the frequency lol. Im a very interesting writer so it keeps me at Bay. My thought process on how I do and say things can be a bit hard to understand. Themes usually come randomly.

With, “The Way You Make Me Feel,” what was the creative process like when bringing this song to life?

Right off the back, I knew I wanted a banger. So, I reached out to a dope artist/songwriter by the name of AJ Cau5ey. I knew he could take this track to where I wanted it to go. I jotted down my ideas of what I wanted the message to be and he nailed it.

What can we expect to see next from you?

There's so much in the works... But just know that there are great things ahead for me

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