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Sunstroke Rain Kicks Off Her Debut EDM Album With "Thirty Years Asleep"

EDM artist Sunstroke Rain makes a statement with her enchanting debut album 'Spark,' opened by her single “Thirty Years Asleep."

Sunstroke Rain is the anagram for Karin Turesson, a passionate artist who aims to break boundaries in the music field. Sunstroke Rain intricately composes EDM sounds and melodies to create her own personal sound, full of layers and moving parts.

The dive into “Thirty Years Asleep” brings you right into Sunstroke Rain’s stimulating and alluring musical atmosphere. Sunstroke Rain describes this opening track as “a journey with a woman treading water waiting for someone else to tell her when to start."

With an ever-changing yet captivating cocktail of sounds, “Thirty Years Asleep” advocates for taking charge of one’s life. There is always something new to listen to, with eccentric melodies and varying synth tones. The lyrics to “Thirty Years Asleep” are vulnerable, with some repetition to keep it light and fun. Sunstroke rain sings of it never being too late to find happiness, even if society may be against you. Vocals are constantly layered on top of one another, sometimes the center focus and sometimes taking a backseat to the production. The use of echoes and harmonies also adds another layer of intricacy.

As “Thirty Years Asleep” prepares to fade out and guide you into the rest of Sunstroke Rain’s album 'Spark,' you are left feeling inspired and ready to take on whatever comes ahead. Even though the lyrics may be hard-hitting, the upbeat and jubilant production also leaves a lasting impact.

Check out “Thirty Years Asleep” from Sunstroke Rain’s debut album 'Spark,' out now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sunstroke Rain, and congratulations on your latest release, "Thirty Years Asleep." What made you open your album 'Spark' with this particular track?

The song "Thirty Years Asleep" sums up the idea for this project. For a long time, I had the idea that I would concentrate on my own music, and I think I was kind of waiting for someone to tell me… "Come on, it's time to start"! As that didn't happen, the years went by. But, as you can hear, I finally woke up and did it. The refrain says that it's never too late to do "your thing", the earth is there waiting for you, to let you make your way through life.

How did the production for "Thirty Years Asleep" come alive? Did you have an idea of what you wanted the track to sound like before recording?

It had a vision and my guidelines. Then by walking in a nearby park, I got some important ideas. And later on, I used a musical barrel full of darlings.

How has your work with other musicians shaped you as an artist?

It has taught me the importance of finding personal expression. So much music is being produced and released every day, and if you want people to listen to what you're doing, you have to be personal and genuine, maybe go out on a limb.

What is one thing that you think stands out about your music?

The production with an array of some self-made sounds and the harmonic progressions. Simplicity and complexity play against each other.

What advice would you have for someone looking to make their way into the music industry?

Be prepared for a tough world, which demands a lot of work. There is no guarantee that your music will reach people even if you do all in your power to make it happen. So you have to have a playful approach (if your goals won't be fulfilled.) and be serious at the same time.

What keeps you motivated?

Music is maybe my best friend. It's a phenomenon that gives you desire, energy, reflections, hope, inspiration, and many other things. Sometimes you can dance to it, sometimes get comforted, there are so many good things in music so of course you can get hooked on it forever, like a healthy drug. And that helps because the musical environment is very hard sometimes. It's tough to break through, make yourself heard, etc.

What's next for you?

To create more music and try to reach out more.


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