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Super Love Shows You “The Real Me”

Constance Watkins and Jared Watkins are the two minds behind the ethereal group named Super Love.

Constance Watkins, the band's lead vocalist, has been involved in music for many years, having started singing in church choirs at a young age. Her style is characterized by a powerful voice ranging from soulful and expressive to raw and edgy. Her lyrics often explore themes of self-discovery, identity, and empowerment. Constance's talents extend beyond music as an accomplished visual artist whose work often features in Super Love's music videos and album covers.

Jared Watkins is a multi-instrumentalist who handles the musical arrangements and production for Super Love. Jared is a self-taught musician who has played various instruments since childhood. His experience playing in jazz ensembles and rock bands has helped him develop a unique sound that incorporates elements from various genres.

Super Love’s latest release, “The Real Me,” is a captivating blend of autonomous indie style with multi-layered lyrics and cross-genre grooves. The track begins with electrifying energy, with lyrics that speak to the experience of becoming a different person in different environments.

As the lights are turned low, Constance becomes the neon, stepping out from the shadow and into the spotlight. Her soul seemingly pours out as she dips into the low notes, which make for a haunting melody, sure to draw a crowd and then have them falling out of this world and into a dream. The dreamscape “The Real Me” frees the mind from the constraints of societal norms and expectations.

The grooves in “The Real Me” are like a deep melodic lullaby, providing the perfect backdrop for Constance’s unique voice. The music is a fusion of wavy synths and funky bouncing melodies, with elements of other sub-genres incorporated throughout. This unique blend of sounds creates a sonic experience that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

The lyrics of “The Real Me” are a testament to the power of music to transport us to another world where we can be whoever we want to be. The chorus, in particular, is a powerful call to embrace our true selves, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zones and breaking free from the expectations of others.

Super Love’s creative process is as impressive as its music. The band writes and records in a brownstone townhouse in New York City, drawing inspiration from the local style of the city. Their work is a reflection of the diverse influences and experiences that they bring to their music.

“The Real Me” is an exceptional piece of music that showcases Super Love’s versatility and creativity. The band’s ability to blend genres and create a sound that is uniquely their own is a testament to their talent and dedication. With their latest release, Super Love proves that they are a band to watch in the indie music scene.

Fall into the world of “The Real Me” today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Super Love. A tremendous congrats to the deep dive with “The Real Me,” an intensely introspective song, Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind "The Real Me"? What led you to write a song about embracing your true self? We hope this song connects with people that struggle with identity. People are exploring who they are and hopefully finding themselves. From a young age, we’re taught to conform. Conform at school, then conform at work. But we are all individuals with unique perspectives and original voices. So often, a person has two versions of themself: one during the day, another in the evening—the version that conforms and the version that they choose to be when they are on their own. We’re fascinated with this duality in people and recognize how freeing it is to choose to be the person you know you are. So in "The Real Me," we take it further. If there are two versions of a person – the daytime version, which dominates most of a persons waking hours, and the evening version that hides in the shadows – which one is the real version of a person? The Real Me focuses on the struggle of living between the two. Recognizing that the duality exists and revelling in your individuality.

Your sound on “The Real Me” is truly multi-layered and sonically unique. How do you approach creating such intricate soundscapes, and what is your creative process like when writing and recording music? Musically, our songs always begin with the bass, followed by a beat. And we spend much time making the beat captivating before adding other sounds. Our bass lines follow jazz foundations, meaning that while our songs are alt-rock, we still bring the funk. For "The Real Me, "the bass follows a groove. The groove on its own creates the feeling of walking down a dark alley surrounded by shadows, emphasizing the lyrics and resonating the dark feelings of being denied who we truly are. Then we brought in the harmonics: the grungy, fuzzy synth and the angular guitar lines. And, wow! In the recording session, that grinding synth captured and intensified the mood. The lyrics of "The Real Me" talk about stepping out of the shadow and into the light. Can you talk about a time in your life when you had to make a difficult decision to embrace your true self and how it impacted your life and music? Our paths in University started very differently from the real rides we’ve taken. Jared was PreMed, all set to be a Biomedical Engineer, while Constance was in Finance. There was a turning point for each of us as we chose to be artists. Telling family about the change was beyond hard. Many condemned the choice, telling us that we were ruining our lives. But neither of us could deny who we are. And our lives are very different from what they would’ve been. The life of an artist can be challenging, but for us, it is much more beautiful. We can explore what makes us human and pour all that experience and emotion into our music.

The Real Me" has a powerful message of self-discovery and authenticity. Can you share a story or experience illustrating the importance of embracing your true self and how that message is reflected in your music? It’s easy to follow the flow. But in doing that, you'll never stand out. It’s your personality and your uniqueness that will move you forward. There was a time when I saw my uniqueness as a flaw, something to repress. The more I conformed, the more I became part of the masses. This created a monotony that left feelings flat; happiness was never all-consuming because part of me was being denied. It’s liberating to embrace who you are. To drop the shackles of who you’re told to be. This is such a strong reality for both of us that this message is embedded into many of our songs in one way or another.

What are your goals for the future of Super Love, both in terms of your music and your career as a band? Are there any particular milestones or achievements you're striving towards, and what steps are you taking to get there? Our biggest goal is always to connect with our listeners. We want to make music that we love, with the hopes that others will also be elevated by it. From a more technical standpoint, there is so much on our horizon. We’re optimistic about the future of Super Love! Our second album is in the works, set to be released later this year. And we’ve been keeping our eyes open for opportunities to collaborate. We love how much success we’ve seen as an indie band, and we’re always looking for ways to grow. Currently, we’re exploring labels that would be a good fit.


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