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Super OK Impresses Audience with Reminiscent Grit In, "616"

Mixing elements of Alternative, Indie, and Punk Rock, Super OK is a trio composed of Davey Henry, Benjamin Buday, and Kat Cannon.

The three met in Boston and developed a kinship over a shared love of performing and enjoying music. They made their way to Los Angeles in 2018, and since then, they’ve tapped into their passion for making music, and are more than excited for the musical creations that they get to release to their growing fan base.

Gritty with the nostalgia of 90’s Punk Rock, Super OK presents their most recent single, “616.” Embracing their raucous elements with crunchy guitar riffs, and explosive drum patterns, the rhythm sequence that is exuded in this track takes us into grainy subdivisions of dimensional resonance. With the slick flow of the mid-tempo arrangement coming together in a unified fashion, we feel the organized chaos radiating from Super OK.

The purposely simplistic approach to the vocal performance flourishes into the boisterous chorus that ignites the fiery passion that Super OK places on display. As they make a lasting impression on their vastly growing audience, a blend of perseverance and hopefulness collides into a colossal fusion of powerful charisma. Wildly in your face energy seeps through the speakers as, “616,” delves into a narrative approaching the abstract scenery of the band's songwriting techniques.

At 4 minutes and 31 seconds, you don’t even realize that this song runs the length of the time it does. You’re fully immersed in the head-banging vitality that Super OK offers as they serve us angst on a platter. Setting their eyes on the prize, we look forward to hearing their next magnetic release as they present their appeal in zesty forms of intoxicating melodies.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Super OK! Congratulations on the release of “616.” We love the energy presented in this track! What does this song mean to you as a collective?

616 is the first song we jammed on and finished together! We started playing this back in Benjamin and Kat's apartment in West LA while trying to figure out what we wanted to do and how. 616 really shaped our sound direction, creative direction, and writing process throughout our songs. Later, it even led the way in our first experiments in creative recording and production.

Could you please share a glimpse of how you approached the creative and recording process for “616?"

616 was an idea Benjamin sat on for years as a drummer in his previous band, and though he wrote all the initial parts, the input from Kat and Davey, and the resulting parts that followed, made the song what it is and helped us understand how we could work together. For Kat, being somewhat new to bass at the time, the bassline Benjamin wrote for 616 was the first one that took her out of her comfort zone and influenced how she would write future bass parts. Because it was the first song we started recording, it's been instrumental in teaching us how to record, mix and produce our songs. We recorded our parts remotely, combined them, and sent them to our good friend Chris Harvey (I Was Awake) for engineering and production.

As a band, how do you continue to inspire one another?

Super OK has given us a lot of firsts: it's Kat's first band, it's Benjamin's first time playing guitar and singing, and for Davey, our next single (March 5th!) will be the first song he's written to be released. That we're experiencing all these firsts together is really inspiring. There's something ethereal about ideas seemingly coming out of the blue and finding their home in Super OK. Something great that we’ve learned throughout writing for this album is how our different influences play out, and it's fulfilling to be able to surprise ourselves and each other with the ideas we're producing. The process of writing and recording remotely has taught us so much about how to keep being creative and productive even though we couldn’t collaborate in person, strengthened our bond as a group, and kept us motivated in tough times.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric from "616?"

Benjamin: I wrote these lyrics, so I haven't really gone back to analyze them a bunch, but I think "in these dreams my house is not my home/and all these thoughts I have are not my own" is the one I'd point out. That is the best way I can describe how my dreams work - I'll be at home, or work, or at school, and it's definitely not my reality, but for some reason in the dream, I accept it as if it is. I like thinking of how maybe dreams are a peek into the multiverse where other versions of yourself are on their own journeys, and each dream sees you living as another you for just one time.

Davey: As it's such a fun song I think it's easy to overlook its meaning and what’s happening. The final chorus has, what I consider, a very profound difference that I find both striking and moving every time I hear it. Once you hear it, I think you too will find a greater appreciation for the song.

You have an album dropping in the summertime that we can’t wait to hear! Can you tell us anything about the forthcoming project?

What's really neat about this album is that about half of it was written during the pandemic, and so we've never played some of these songs together. They aren't battle-tested! But we've been able to craft some meaningful songs without the live performance and rehearsal aspect giving us second thoughts or limiting us. This project has meant so much for us that at times it can be hard to believe that it's actually happening. We’ve had the vision for years though didn’t expect quite how it’d come together, we’ve grown and learned together in different ways than we expected, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.



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