“Surreal” By Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla Prove What Real Rock Is

Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla is a talented four piece alternative rock band. With the talented Alie on lead vocals, Benni on the bass, Mike on lead guitar and Hussein keeping things smooth on the drums, the rock collective create infectious rock grooves for everyone from all walks of life to enjoy! 

“Surreal” is the first track off of the groups debut album “No Title” and we’re hooked! It’s a catchy rock tune laced with undertones of real grit. “Surreal” boasts retrospective lyricism, pummeling guitars, catchy melodic riffs, and heavy rhythmic drums. Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla exudes an authentic chemistry that only comes from fine calibration and undeniable talent. “Surreal” weaves through storytelling elements while still remaining a contemporary alt-rock track. Using music as an outlet for their emotive lyricism, Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla establishes a solid foundation for their fans to relate to their songs. “Surreal” is a welcome and addicting new addition to the music industry and I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for what Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla delivers next!

Check out “Surreal” here and read more below in our chat with the band! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you all met?

We are an alternative rock band from Frankfurt area, Germany. We came together  in this rather classical rock line up beginning of 2018. We all come from other bands and projects to Invisible Joe with different musical background. Ben and Mike have been playing together for a couple of years, rehearsing with other musicians to complete a line up for alternative rock. When Aline joined, thething quite started. Hussein has been last to join the Band end 2017. He is coming with a metal background. It was easy to convince him to join

How did Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla come to fruition?

After just a few rehearsals, we went up on stage and it felt right. No matter what material we touched, it sounded like us. There is a common ground for all of us which is a riff based stoner or classic alternative rock with strong rhythmic elements and a traditional singing voice on top.

We want to fuel people with good energy of groove and melody along our way and it seemed to work out until now. However, we still consider that we are just starting as a band, but playing live and recording our first EP at Watt Matters with Henning Strand has let us grow together even more.

Tell us about your track “Surreal”! What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

Surreal is about moments in life, when everything comes together for perfection. We all probably know this feeling when you share such a moment with someone.

Ben came up with the lyrics and song idea and we try to express this feeling.  

What was the writing process like for this track?

Usually we would jam on some ideas during our rehearsal until we feel the right energy.

There is no band reflection on what we want to sound like. We have jammed on other music genre songs. Surprisingly, they all sounded like IJMG. However, we follow a true live concept, keeping it down to the four instruments. We do not assembly or synthesize our music and don’t want to do it. Keeping it down to the four instruments. What you see is what you hear. For Surreal, the groove and licks were there after just a couple of minutes. It has not change since then.

What’s next for Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla?

We have been quite busy, playing gigs, rehearsing, recording these past months and lots of stuff that musicians shouldn´t do. Last month we recorded two videos that will release soon. Apart from a band contest we will be playing September - our rehearsal room will have us back full time. There are plenty of songs and ideas waiting in the drawers and we are keen to work on them and make them ours. For 2020, we will be open for live bookings again. Hopefully we will see you then!


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