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“Surrender” By Rollin Rosatti Is The Most Soulful Thing You’ve Heard This Year

Rollin Rosatti is a soul artist from Memphis, Tennessee. His inspiration is drawn from the historic sounds of the southern delta, bringing to light a mixture of blues, roots rock and gospel. He is greatly influenced by the vintage sound and feel of his hometown of Memphis, and travelling to where his roots are planted is an important aspect of his creative journey in the creation of his art.

“Surrender” is a single and the latest offering from Rollin Rosatti. Old school vibes start this song off to a great start, with a classic sounding organ and piano riff leading us into the first verse. The vocals sound perfectly in their element of blues and roots rock with a mature and seasoned quality to them. The verses progress in a subtle but brilliant way, with the vocals changing and ornamenting their original melody ever so slightly. The chorus is perfectly gratifying, with hooks for days and chord changes that will make your hair stand on end. They also continue to build with each return, culminating in an incredibly soul-lifting chorus to close the song. The bridge breaks up the song in a great way and makes great use of variety by introducing female vocal harmonies. “Surrender” is a song that is truly in touch with its roots; it sounds like it could have been written decades ago. Rollin Rosatti has a truly unique and penetrating voice that you can’t hear anywhere else, so we will definitely recommend you check out “Surrender” today.

Listen to "Surrender" here and get to know more about Rollin Rosatti below!

Thanks for chatting with us! Can you start us off by giving us a brief insight into your upbringing and how music first entered your world?

I was Born and Raised in Memphis TN. Music first entered my life at age 5; when a red Fender Strat was given to me after a show in Memphis TN. This gift immediately intrigued me and motivated me to begin creating music. When visiting family in Clarksdale, MS (the home of the blues) my father and uncle would take me to hear great blues bands in the area. I dove head first into music after this and began listening to old vinyl and other musical hand-me-downs. In high school I started writing and getting my feet wet with performance. But it was playing in a band through college that got me hooked on the satisfaction of performing. Once I graduated, I had a decision to make: to get a full time job with my business degree; or to pursue my passion of making music. It was an easy choice. I turned down all job offers and began recording my debut EP in collaboration with various talented artists in Memphis. Two singles have now been released from our EP. With all the support of late, I look forward to sharing more music very soon. 

You speak a lot about your roots and your hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Can you give us some insight into exactly what it is about this place that is so important to you, and what effect it has on your art?

Memphis has meant everything to me. A major reason why is because of the rawness that it has cultivated within me. Memphis' rich history of Soul, Blues, and Rock n’ Roll has made me appreciate all that has been created here. Studying Blues and Soul has influenced me greatly; as has the Motown sound, Gospel, Hip Hop, and Southern Rock.

You have a truly soulful vibe in your new single, “Surrender”. Can you let us into your process as a songwriter? How do you go about creating your music?

The reason why I create music is because I want to make people feelsomething. When I’m writing I tap into how I felt in a certain moment and try to paint that raw emotion into the music.  

You’re stuck on a desert island, and you can only listen to three artists for the rest of your life. Who would you choose and why?

If i was stuck on a desert island and could only listen to three artists I’d choose Bob Marley, The Meters, and Kid Cudi. Very different I know, but you gotta to mix it up. 

Will we hear more music from you soon?

I will be releasing a lot more music this Summer 2019. I am currently writing & recording an LP album that should be out by the end of the year.


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