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Sway in the Soulful Soundscape of Zela Kyle's "Pity Party"

Raised on the West side of the Bronx High Bridge, Zela Kyle is the epitome of self-love. Self-assured and confident like no other, Zela Kyle’s selfless attitude is shaped by her surrounding environment.

Deeming her sound soulful gangster. From singing soothing melodies to bodying a full-blown rap battle, her sound has always been sincere. Zela Kyle is versatile at its finest.

Sipping on the tranquil instrumentation of her most recent single, “Pity Party,” the warm chord strums and ethereal pads placed into the arrangement creates a dream-like universe that has us floating towards the undeniable talents of Zela Kyle.

How her passionate vocals border angelic tenors create the ultimate soul-infused groove as this slow to mid-tempo track carries reverberated tones to an exponential limit. The lyrical dexterity that Zela Kyle applies to her pacifying descants has us fixated on not only the harmonious bliss that she exudes but the realism that lies in her storytelling techniques.

Swarmed in a pool of slick cadences, the rhyme schemes approached are both profound and thought-provoking. “Pity Party” is that joint that you put on in a dim-lit room as you sink into your seat, looking to drown in captivating hues of honesty.

With the inimitable traits that Zela Kyle displays, there is no denying that she has something exclusive to bring to the table. Portraying a true New York sound in the modern wave of Hip-hop, her creations allow listeners to feast on a refreshing series of sounds as she carves out a designated place specific to the skill set she has to offer.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Zela Kyle, and congratulations on the release of, “Pity Party.” What inspired the thought-provoking lyrics that we hear in this song?

This was a time where my soul was super down. The ways I would cope with it were Thru going out, drinking, dating people who weren’t for me, and sleeping the day away. This was my painful phase, my pity party.

You pull influence from musical and non-musical influences. Could you please tell your listeners how you allow those inspirations to speak into the music that you create?

I allow them to influence me with the pain, their raw stories, their legendary distinctiveness with what they do with their voice, and what they’re preaching. What they really wanna say- what really needs to be heard for the mind, body, and souls in this world.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric?

Nina Simone- Stars

“People lust for fame like athletes in a game,

we break our collarbones and come up swinging,

some of us are downed

some of us are crowned, and some are lost and never found

But most have seen it all,

they live their lives in sad cafes and music halls...”

What is the main thing that you’re hoping to accomplish as an artist?

To share real music again, modernly through like with a hip flow that even the biggest gangsters can listen to and bop to it. Metaphorical rough joyful soulful songs that are gonna have you thinking and learning. And to stay different, stay in my lane that I wanna be in-no matter what with also being open to other genres and sounds. Cause I love all music. Music is my life and lyrics are my life.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from “Pity Party,” in terms of themes and messages?

It’s okay to not be okay. Shit happens and life goes on and it really gets better. Focus, grind and rest if you need to. Your healing process is yours and yours only. Life is beautiful and painful and you gotta love it both. Like my favorite quote ever- Amor fati” a Latin phrase that may be translated as "love of fate" or "love of one's fate". it is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary. We got this, you got this.


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