Swedish Artist Olai Shares the Ups and Downs of Love on His Recent Single “Losing It”

Sweden’s own synth-based alt-rock artist Olai releases his first single “Losing It” off his upcoming album 'Silver Linings'. A passionate songwriter, emphasizing themes of love and social issues, Olai draws inspiration from bands/artists like The Killers, White Lies and Joy Division. While expanding his songwriting abilities by reading authors like George Orwell, Graham Greene, and William Wordsworth. His latest single “Losing It” captures themes of falling in love, but noticing that you’re losing yourself in the process. With sharp and crisp vocals to heavy synth instrumentation, “Losing It” serves as the perfect leading single for Olai’s upcoming album.

Losing It” opens with spacey background synths droning in the distance, and subtle keyboard chords building anticipation for the arrival of Olai’s bright vocals. From mid-tempo instrumentation, he effortlessly shifts into upbeat drum patterns and an overall faster pace. “Losing It” serves a broad dynamic range by incorporating ups and downs in tempo and instrumentation, taking his audience on a ride. With introspective lyrics like “I’ve lost the grip of what's right and wrong, I feel I've missed something for too long”, we’re left getting lost in his exciting synth instrumentals that keep our energy high. Executing his tracks with nothing but passion and enthusiasm, we’re definitely keeping an eye out for Olai’s upcoming album 'Silver Linings'.

Go listen to "Losing It" here.