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Sweeten Your Palate With Black Pontiac's "Island Honey"

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, alternative rock band Black Pontiac takes us on a needed vacation with their latest uplifting release entitled "Island Honey."

Known for providing their audience with a needed escape from reality, Black Pontiac and their endless grooves are big, bright, and pina colada scented. The evolving four-piece is quickly grabbing the attention of international listeners with their rhythmic tunes, uplifting lyrical content, and engaging live performances.

Produced by Matt DiPomponio of Echoplant Studios, Black Pontiac's latest single, "Island Honey," is as sweet and refreshing as the title itself. As the band drenches us in their exciting and riveting instrumentals, they send us off into a daydream with their picturesque lyricism that leaves us craving a needed vacation.

Taking the single for a spin, "Island Honey" takes off with a bright and lively electric guitar riff and the lead vocalist's melodically rich vocals. As he begins to paint various picturesque scenes with his descriptive lyricism, Black Pontiac's entire instrumental joins the party as they bring listeners into the bright sunshine and hot sand.

As we continue listening to this exciting and warm single, Black Pontiac offers various instrumental transitions that leave us shifting our focus from the warm lead vocalist onto the glimmering background synths or the band's tightly-wound instrumental atmosphere. As we groove our way to the outro, Black Pontiac leaves us feeling excited and ready to escape our daily routines and flee to the islands.

Take a sonic vacation with help from Black Pontiac's latest single, "Island Honey," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Black Pontiac. We can't get enough of the energy and uplifting feel of your latest single, "Island Honey." What inspired your group to create this sonic vacation of a song?

I’m glad you dig! Honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot of intention behind the writing process for this one. We knew it had that “wind in your face on a west coast highway while the sun goes down” feeling when Mac brought the idea in as a chord progression on the guitar, and so we really just followed that feeling until we ended up with something we were happy with.

Who wrote the picturesque lyricism for "Island Honey?" What scenes did you want to paint in the listener's mind?

I’m a very mediocre instrumentalist so I make up for it by writing all the words. It started with a feeling of wanting to escape, like RIGHT NOW. The idea that we could drop everything and just go do something crazy stupid like sail off into the sunset on a boat and never come back. So I wrote a story about exactly that. Being young and feeling like anything is possible is something I try not to take for granted, and hopefully, these things resonate with other stupid naive young people, especially in a time where we’ve all felt a little trapped.

What was your creative process like between your band members for "Island Honey?" How did you bring the entire song to life from start to finish?

So we have an album currently in the works and the funny thing is that we weren’t even planning on putting Island Honey on it when we started pre-production, let alone making it a single. It was an unpolished idea that I wanted to cut but our producer, Matt DiPomponio, said “see if you can finish it and bring what you have to the next session.” Somehow it all came together in the span of a weekend, with us just jamming on it for maybe an hour or two while I wrote lyrics in the corner. It was sick because it ended up sounding amazing in the studio.

Will you continue releasing such bright and anthemic songs like "Island Honey" with your future release? Or do you plan on exploring more sounds and vibes as you grow?

I think the pop songs we have in our discography (November State of Mind, Island Honey, etc.) represent a certain aspect of our creative output that we haven’t fully been able to bring together into something cohesive that we can listen to and decisively say “this is the Black Pontiac sound.” This upcoming record has a lot of ideas that are incredibly scattered but we needed to take that time to get weird in the studio, to try everything, to think outside the box, and have fun doing it. So to answer your question, I think whatever we do in the future is going to incorporate whatever Island Honey was, but not replicate it by any means.

What's next for you, Black Pontiac?

World domination baby! Our debut album “From Bad to Worse (and Back Again)” is coming at ya SOON, so follow us for updates - you don’t wanna miss this wave.


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