SwifStyle Releases a Funky and Futuristic Hit, “Throwback”

SwifStyle may have outdone himself with his latest single “Throwback”. A poetically driven artist, SwifStyle is a special artist with characteristics that separate himself from other artists in the industry. When we took a listen to “Throwback” we noticed various of different elements that make this song a nicely executed single with layered components to curate a sensational experience when listening. Starting with the production of the beat, “Throwback” felt like a genre-bending masterpiece with a futuristic funk sound that’s sure to get you grooving.

The lyrics are cleverly written, while the delivery had a soulful texture in the projection, creating a riveting atmosphere for the listener to get lost with the melodies. With a textured arrangement, SwifStyle managed to hypnotize his listeners with a shocking level of surprise that had us intrigued and anticipating what’s next. SwifStyle's skillful songwriting skills can be credited to his dedication to his craft. Beginning at a tender young age, SwifStyle developed his unique style of poetic music by enhancing his caliber of poetry. He was able to eventually combine both poetry with a beat to manufacture a lyrically inversive hit song.

Listen to “Throwback” by SwifStyle here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic SwifStyle. In what ways has your background in poetry impacted your songwriting skills now? Have you noticed any major growth in your lyricism over the years? Man, poetry is a special thing. It makes you go into deep thought. And it's the truest, purest form of painting pictures with words. That's what being a real lyricist in hip-hop is all about in its original form. It has lost that in the past few years but I can feel it coming back a little bit. And since I started out doing that first, it was nothing for me to write raps. All I had to do was figure out how I was going to pattern my flow. And for major growth... I'm such a thinker. My mind just goes and drifts away into all kinds of places. So I'm always writing down what my mind is feeling at the moment. Sometimes it can be about what's going on around me in my surroundings. Or to inform folks of things they are not aware of going on behind the scenes of this world, cause it's not in their face or some just choose to ignore. When I was younger like most, it was more so doing what everybody else was doing to try and fit in. And I just didn't want to do that. Cause that's not being authentic. Let’s talk about your song “Throwback” we noticed different genre-bending sounds in the production. Can you describe to us the main influence behind the beat? What specific arrangements and elements were you aiming for? The feeling that I got from the "Throwback" track was the sock hop vibe from the '50s. When I first heard the beat, that era instantly popped up in my head. When you look at videos from that era, you just see folks out on the dance floor and they are just really living it up, having a good time. Just enjoying their youth. And it has a pop-rock element to me as well. That was the bases of what I wanted to run with. Going back on your songwriting, what was your lyrical intention with “Throwback”? How did you challenge yourself with creating this song? Like I stated when I first heard the beat, I got that sock hop / pop-rock vibe instantly. I've never done anything like that. So I was all for trying to create that vibe with the words to go with the beat. Since I'm someone older and done with my high school years, I'm sure you can relate also with what I'm about to say. You sometimes get with your friends and reminisce about those good moments - "Remember when we did this?" or "when this happened?" I wanted to explore those types of moments with this track. What’s the main message you hope most of your listeners gain from listening to your music SwifStyle? First, I hope they feel they are getting good music. And I hope they are getting the message to be aware of what's going on around them in this world. Pay attention to their surroundings. Don't believe everything that mainstream is presenting to you. Cause most of the time, they are distracting and manipulating. And last... just love and unity. We have to stop bickering and tripping over little things and just have unity among one another. Love and cherish those closest to you. What can we expect next from you SwifStyle? The Renaissance Movement, Phase 1 is out now. And I'm going to be dropping a Phase 2 soon, working on that at the moment. I want to build this movement. I am also putting a clothing and shoe line together. You can check that out at prbranded.com. Nice selection of gear for men, women, and kids so, hit that site up. Just going in whatever direction God points me.