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SWiiMS Envelops You In A Warm, Tender Dream On “All I Die For”

Did anyone order an extra helping of dreamy nostalgia?

Formed during that magical summer of 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting us like a ton of bricks, the Canadian band SWiiMS began to form via a Craigslist Musicians Wanted ad led to a fateful encounter.

Today, composed of members Mai Diaz Langou, Colin Thompson, and Cian O’Ruanaidh, there’s a rare kind of chemistry that shines and sparkles through in their music.

Blending influences like 80s new wave, 90s indie rock, Britpop, and shoegaze, the band's mesmerizing sound melts our worries away. Drawing comparison to dreamy acts like Beach House and Slowdive, their talents were noticed early on by NJ-based indie label Mint 400 Records, who released their acclaimed debut EP Through Waves in 2020.

Now gearing up for their highly anticipated forthcoming debut LP Into The Blue Night, SWiiMS has clearly pushed their artistic boundaries on it. There’s real indication that the album has the makings to become classic. The album’s lead single, “All I Die For,” is hazy and gorgeous and definitely leaves us craving more. We're super eager to hear the full LP, which comes out on November 10th.

Check out “All I Die For” below and follow the band on their IG!

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