Sydney Released Her Danceable Hit, “100”

When you think of the state of Maine you hardly gather the thought of big talent and mainstream icons. I mean it’s such a small state, you would think nothing came from it. Up and coming pop artist with an R&B influence, Sydney, proves to us that the idea of major talent coming from a minor state is as possible as ever, and that talent is scattered across the globe.

The unsigned singer released her first track which is a dance hit titled “100”. The storyline is fun and cute. It’s about catching that one dance with the person you’ve been waiting for. The chemistry presented in the lyricism provoked the emotion of light-hearted sensualism. “100” was a vibrant and extravagant jam that lightens your mood and elevates your surroundings! This track is bound to make its listener move. You can’t help but let out a groove while singing along to the contagious melody and infectious lyrics. Sydney is an artist who knows her audience. She knows what type of music people like and what’s catching the ears of a DJ. Therefore, “100” was completely on point and we loved the trendy mainstream appeal it was equipped with.

Listen to "100" here.

Photography: Matt Congdon Photography