Sylvia Bosco Creates a Uniquely Modern Experience With Her Latest Release "Don't"

Sylvia Bosco is an LA-based singer-songwriter who harnesses pop, rock, and soul in her music to create a uniquely modern experience. She finds inspiration from iconic artists that include Carole King, Alicia Keys, and Tom Petty. Sylvia now plays shows across Los Angeles at vintage flea markets, breweries, and established venues like The Hotel Cafe and The Mint. Recently she released her new funky pop single "Don't" which was written by Sylvia, produced by Curtis Ulin and Chris Jackson, and was mixed and mastered by Emmy award-winning engineer Bill Jackson. "Don't" is a fun modern pop song that fuses various funk elements to create a unique and memorable experience. "Don't" features a funky rhythm section, an almost jazzy soul guitar, and a stunning vocal that delivers more than what you would expect from a song of this style. "Don't" begins with an ambient dreamy intro before Sylvia comes in with her melodic storytelling vocals with modern effected harmonies that then transitions into a dance floor shakedown throughout the rest of the song. Sylvia has managed to perfectly fuse soul, funk, and pop to create a song that will keep the dance-floor moving all night long.

Listen to "Don't" by Sylvia Bosco here.