Symphonic Is Not To Be Slept On! His New Single “Toxic (No Britney)” Is Out Now!

Symphonic is an artist who will certainly create waves in this industry. Symphonic released his latest single titled “Toxic (No Britney)” and this flashy rapper will have you hyped! The bars and punchlines in this record leave you multiple captions for your photos. Symphonic has the perfect energy in his delivery alongside the right type of style that can get the party started. Every lyric in “Toxic (No Britney)” was extremely catchy. Symphonic is breaking against the norm of hip-hop as an openly gay rapper who is as braggadocious as possible!

Symphonic can undeniably be a hitmaker in today’s current of rap music. Lately, the industry has become more open and less judgmental to artists who are openly homosexual. Take, Lilnasx for example! It’s a beautiful shift in culture and a huge step to the advancement of the music industry. Symphonic talent speaks for itself. His raw lyricism and tough articulation punch you with every line he raps. He knows how to change a listener's entire mood with a song that’s perfectly fitting for your day to day duties or even nightly clubbing! “Toxic (No Britney)” was a wonderful hit record and we’re excited to see what this promising rising star has in the future for us.

Give a listen to "Toxic (No Britney)" here, and keep reading for more with Symphonic!


Welcome to BuzzMusicLA Symphonic! We know you were born in the heart of Motown. How was it growing up? In what ways were you influenced by your upbringing and the musical city you lived in?

Hello hello! Being from Motown, you always feel an obligation to be in tune with the soul that comes with the music. I actually had the pleasure of not only being from Detroit, but living in Louisville, KY from ages 5 to 15. I look at myself as having the grit and "gutta" of a Midwestern artist with the flare and bounce of a Southern artist. Growing up was difficult at times, you know, single mom working and having a sister that's 7 years younger than me. I had to find creative ways to stay occupied and music was my getaway.

What would you consider the most challenging aspect of creating a new song? In what ways do you overcome this hurdle?

I think the most challenging aspect of creating a new song is getting it to a point where YOU, the artist likes it. Some people don't realize that by the time you hear a single from your favorite artist, they've heard that same song 100, 200, 1000 times. It's when you can finally listen on that last time and say, "This is major and I'm ready for people to hear what I have to offer." I overcome this by sticking to my gut and my intuition. If I got a feeling from a song that it's going to be something special, I don't question that, I roll with that. At the end of that day, you have to take a risk and throw some darts out there. If it sticks, there you go. If it doesn't? Take Aaliyah's advice. You can dust it off and try again!

Talk to us about your hit “Toxic (No Britney)” This song resonated well with us here at Buzz. Did you go for any specific arrangements? How would you detail the production of this song?

Man, that has become my favorite song in my discography and my favorite song to perform. I wrote that song on a lunch break inside of a local bakery because the production spoke to me so intently, I needed to get my ish off! Making this song, the hook came to me first and I sat there and said, "How can I elevate what's already good to make people listen more?" and that's where the "No Britney" subtitle came from. We are in no way affiliated with legend Britney Spears' 2003 hit "Toxic" but we pay homage wherever and however we can! Being an openly gay artist, finding KeyAno, the producer of the record, and seeing that he is an openly gay producer with untouchable production talent, just made the record that much more powerful. I look at him as the Timbaland to my Missy Elliott. He brings the best out of me on all of his productions. "Toxic (No Britney)" is a piece of modern day hip-hop with a west coast bounce and a nod to the 2000's with the hook and lyrics!

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence for you as a rapper and why?

My two biggest influences musically, because they're quite different and I can't pick one over the other would be Aaliyah and Gucci Mane. Aaliyah is the pinnacle of individuality and uniqueness, the two things I preach the most to myself and others. She taught me how to be smooth and listen for the intricacies in an instrumental. She kept a mystique that I feel is now lost, in the world of social media and instant gratification. She wasn't afraid to put herself out there as more than a singer, but a full-blown entertainer and her sound & look is still unmatched but duplicated to this day. Gucci Mane La Flare!! My Instagram handle for the longest time was @thegayguccimane haha! And that rings true still! Gucci Mane is also an artist to have such a unique and distinct style but adding to that, he also has the ear to listen for that same thing in others. He was the first rapper I ever fully committed to being a fan of. I call him the leader of the new school because truthfully, if it wasn't for the formula Gucci Mane created, we'd have none of the new, hot rappers of today. His work ethic is mind-blowing and inspirational.

What’s next for you Symphonic?

Hopefully a chicken sandwich from Popeyes! You see how crazy that is? Nah, but for real, I'm just buckling down and investing in myself and my brand. Getting myself in front of audiences and shooting music videos. Being seen and setting the tone for what I aim to bring into this game. I plan on releasing my debut album this year and I have a few spot dates coming up as well! September 12th, I'll be in LA performing at The People's Party showcase and you can always catch me in Denver as well!


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