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Symphonic Raises The Stakes With, “How Much You Wanna Bet?”

Born in the heart of Motown and residing in the sunny city of Las Vegas, Symphonic is not your run of the mill rap artist. Openly gay and as braggadocios as ever, Symphonic is the definition of the self-coined genre, ‘glam trap’; a mixture of lyrical flamboyance, individual freedom, and hard-hitting instrumentals.

Taking a wide range of inspiration, ranging from The Notorious B.I.G., Gucci Mane, and Cardi B, all the way to Blondie, Diana Ross, and Madonna, there is no stone unturned with this captivating and refreshing artist. Symphonic is here to broaden the spectrum of Hip-hop and challenge the culture as we know it.

With Symphonic’s latest single, “How Much You Wanna Bet?,” we are engulfed in the flavorful Trap ambiance that heightens your senses and anticipations as the drum patterns go off the rocker. There is a lot to say about the textured vocalization exuded in the delivery of Symphonic’s cumbersome lyricism. His colossal energy reigns supreme as his cadences slip right into the pocket of a twisted realm dabbling into the new modern wave of Hip-hop, and nostalgic tones in the accentuated delivery of the old school. Vibrant and contemporaneous in each carefully crafted word he assaults, Symphonic is not one to play games with as the lyrics so graciously offer up.

Establishing his enigmatic authority and turning a cold shoulder to that hate dismissed upon him, Symphonic glistens that brightly illuminated spotlight on his art, and his charismatic persona. As we turn this record up a few decibels in volume, we have to tip our hats to the slick collaborative tones that the production holds, as the tantalizing instrumentation fuses with the undeniable conveyance of Symphonic’s vocals in a unified manner. Living up to the hype surrounding him, the simmering essence of Symphonic remains unmatched with, “How Much You Wanna Bet?”

Hello Symphonic, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your latest hit, “How Much You Wanna Bet?” Your energy is at an all-time high with this track and we’re here for it! Could you please tell us about the inspiration behind this single?

Thank you so much! I figured after the draining year that was 2020, there needed to be some big creative energy put into the universe! My inspiration behind this song is simple: can you walk the walk like you talk the talk? So many folks talk such a good game but when you look closely, it's all-cap (in the words of the new generation). I wanted to make an anthem about it. How much are you REALLY willing to bet for all that you want? To be the best? Because lord knows I will bet all I've got for that coveted top spot.

What did the creative process look like when you were crafting this song?

This record started off as a demo that I cut here in my home studio in Vegas the same month my debut album 'Intention' dropped. That was in early July. I then took the song to a recording studio and this song was the first of three we did that afternoon. I cut my vocals for this one in about 20 minutes. Afterward, I sent it over to my dearest friend and engineer Tennex, and boom, we have a new hot record for the '21!'

With such a wide range of inspirations, how do you allow your influences to speak into the music that you create?

That's such a great question! Being someone who does take inspiration and influence from a wide array of artists, I let it show in every aspect of the craft! Of course, I can't create a record like Diana Ross but I can channel her showmanship and stage professionalism. Of course, I can't sound like Cardi B but I can channel her unapologetic and authentic energy into what I do and apply it. It's all about taking the best qualities from the people that you love and admire and utilizing them in a way that works for you and your art!

You definitely own who you are as an individual and artist. Do you have any words of advice for others who are maybe holding back their true self?

As I've said on this platform before, here at the House of Sympho, all we do is preach individuality and self-confidence. You have to be willing to be the odd man out and know that it's okay. They say you weren't born to fit in, but to stand out and that is one of the truest statements ever. It can be easy to look like everyone else or sound like everyone else but that's not what the people signed up for. They signed up and came to see you, flaws and all. No one walking the face of the Earth can do you as you can do you. Own that shit. Own it!

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I want listeners to know that I am here for a good time AND a long time. I'm setting up the foundation and putting in the work to be more than a trend. They don't make superstars like they used to do back in the 70s and 80s and I think that's a lost quality. I am eternally dedicated to every piece of the craft and the art form of entertainment. It's a work that will never get old to me. I go beyond music. I go deeper than the surface. I am here to live forever and I mean that in the way of, even when I'm not here in the physical, the mark that I've left and the work that I've created will be so undeniable that it will carry my memory and my spirit into an infinite cycle. I mean, in 3021, they may not be talking about the latest Tik Tok challenge but they will always be talking about Michael Jackson and Beyonce. And that's exactly what we're going to accomplish.



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