Symphonic Shows us How to Run the Streets of Vegas with “Saucin’ When I’m Walkin’"

Las Vagas based Rapper Symphonic is an artist whose music is the culmination of lyrical flamboyance, freedom of speech as an individual, and instrumental beats that will knock your socks off.

Taking inspiration from icons such as The Notorious B.I.G., Gucci Mane, Cardi B, Madonna, and many more, Symphonic is well versed in the art of making a catchy song and is here again to showcase how he pushes the boundaries of hip-hop.

With Symphonic’s latest release “Saucin’ When I’m Walkin’” is perfectly complemented by an attitude heavy music video that is full of vibe, Symphonic transports us to the streets of Las Vegas to show us how Symphonic runs it.

“Saucin’ When I’m Walkin’” features a lo-fi synth that keeps a simple yet tense melody going throughout the tune, 808 drums that hit you like a truck, and a vocal performance from Symphonic that perfectly transitions from a solo intimate vocal to a chorus that pops out of our speakers with the use of Symmphonic’s dead-on accurate doubles.

Spiced up with flavorful adlibs, and then drizzled on with a characterful music video that shows off Symphonic’s personality, “Saucin’ When I’m Walkin’” is the perfect song to blast from your speakers when you want to feel like you rule the world.

You can find “Saucin’ When I’m Walkin’” here.

Hey there Symphonic! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We can’t stop vibing out to your release “Saucin’ When I’m Walkin’”! What was the mentality behind coming up with the lyrics? Is there a personal story in this song that you wanted to share with the world?

The mood that I wanted to set with "Saucin'" was pretty much to be you, dress how you want, and have fun without any worries of what anyone has to say! This is a song that can get you amped to go out to the club, to get you ready for a job interview, anything that requires motivation! As far as a personal story? The song is more a general statement on how to carry yourself than it is anything that has happened personally. I feel every artist should have that one banger in their catalog and this one is mine! We’re loving the attitude heavy but slightly quirky music video for this one, what was that whole filming process like? What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Thank you! The filming was done on a whim during the COVID-19 lockdown here in Vegas. There aren't too many times in life where you could have the Las Vegas strip all to yourself and be unbothered so I jumped at the chance to film what I could. Daniel Vegas did such a lovely job with the visual and took all of my ideas and made them POP! My favorite scene to shoot was definitely the one where I was on the pedestrian bridge overlooking Las Vegas Blvd. How playa was that?!  The music production of “Saucin’ When I’m Walkin'” hits us hard in the chest while keeping a light heart, what was the inspiration behind the beat? Did it come after the lyric writing?

Shoutout to King LeeBoy for producing this hot record. This song actually was recorded in early 2018 and I KNEW when I recorded it that it would be something special and something I shouldn't rush. Two years and a music video later, here we are! Since your earlier releases such as “Put 'Em to Work”, how do you feel you have grown as an artist from then to the music you are creating today?

Great question! That's one of my favorite songs by the way. Shoutout to the iconic BLONDIESOSWEET aka Sonny Sicario for making it even spicier for me! I think for me, I just honed in more on my own distinct look and sound. I stopped making the music I THOUGHT people wanted to hear and started making the music that I wanted to hear. I'm an ever-growing, ever-changing, dynamic ass artist if I can be so bold. I'm always finding new flows, new ways with words, new creative risks to take on and new inspirations to fuel my fire. Oh, and I also started learning the business side of things and doing way more for myself than I ever thought was possible.  What else can we expect for 2020?

YOU CAN EXPECT THIS ALBUM TO DROP ON JULY 3RD!!!!! *insert Cardi B okurrrr sound* THAT'S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT! My debut album 'Intention' that I have been working on for the past three years of my life is finally ready to be taken out of the oven and served to the children. I'm overwhelmed with angst but also excitement because it doesn't get more ME than THIS and I'm ready for my fans and the newcomers to get to know me on a deeper level. Eye to eye. Me and you. You can also expect more music videos, more cute ass photos of my fluffy self and hopefully, some shows(?) Gotta see what Ms. Rona is up to first before I commit to performing in another packed venue. I gotta be around to make more moments and more music for y'all, you heard me!!