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T. Chandy Makes It Known That This Will Be the, "Last Time"

Sri Lankan-born Canadian rapper and producer T. Chandy has come to leave his mark on the Hip-hop industry. Bringing the production of music in-house, he prefers to self-produce and collaborate with fellow members of the collective SURF and other local artists in the Ottawa music scene.

Raised in the northern capital of Ottawa, Canada, he began writing his first rhymes at the age of 10. Drawing inspiration from artists like J. Cole, Isaiah Rashad, and Childish Gambino, T. Chandy has risen in style both sonically and lyrically.

T. Chandy is fresh off the release of his invigorating hit, “Last Time.” This record captures a textured charisma that delves into the depths of T. Chady’s lyrical talents as a storytelling emcee. Applying the pressure in a way that has us bouncing to the edgy personification of flawlessly timed verses, we can’t help but be driven by the fervently intoxicating hit.

“Last Time” zones in on the narrative that T. Chandy explores as he shares his experience of being hooked by lust. As we go through the verses, the story depicts vibrant illustrations of the roller-coaster ride that he embarks on with someone who has caught his eye, but as we reach the mesmerizing state of the hook, he assures us that this is very well going to be the last time.

The tonal distinction that we hear through his animated performance of rhyme schemes showcases the hunger that bellows from the depths of T. Chandy’s spirit. Containing signature trademarks that float in the realm of Hip-hop and Contemporary R&B, there are numerous layers that T. Chandy peels back as he allows us to simmer in the intricately crafted soundscape of “Last Time.” Find out what all the hype is about as you make a point to listen to the tale of “Last Time” from start to finish.

We love the story that you take us into as we tour the soundscape of this track. What moment inspired the creation of this experience into a song?

I created this song last year while living in Toronto. The pandemic had just begun and I began listening to more moody and melodic music. RnB and melodic trap music in specific. I took heavy inspiration from the two genres when making the beat and lyrical content of the song. I was stuck inside my apartment all day and night and was starting to yearn for human connection. And so like most people, I turned to my phone and social media to get my fix. That was when I stumbled upon an ex’s profile. At that moment I was inspired and the concept of the track came to me.

Being the artist and producer on your records, do you have a part of your creative journey that you enjoy the most?

My favorite moment in the creation process of any song is the moment where I am freestyling flows and melodies to myself while making the beat. This is because I am not held to any rules or regulations. It is the most unpredictable part of the whole process. I don’t have to think or say anything coherent. I’m just vibing, feeling the different pockets and rhythms that are possible. I usually record this in the voice memos app on my phone so I do not forget. Once I have this skeleton, I can pick out the parts that I like and write out actual lyrics. I find that they come out faster now that I know the direction I am going.

Could you please share a glimpse of the process you experienced when bringing “Last Time,” to the ears of the public?

After its creation almost a year ago, I’ve been working on a proper way to release this track. I came to the conclusion that in 2021 I was going to drop a new song every month. Each with a different visual and musical aesthetic. Last Time is the third installation of this series. My good friend and frequent collaborator Quest ( shot the cover using a delayed shutter technique. The moody vibe of the track adds to the trippy visual aesthetic of its red cover. I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from friends and fans alike. This track is a bit of a departure from what I usually do, so to see people enjoying and relating to it is amazing!

How have you found yourself rising as an artist through your journey? Any word of advice to individuals looking to follow your path?

The more music I make the more I realize that overthinking is the death of authenticity. And authenticity is what creates fans who are willing to ride with you through the highs and lows. I am at a point now where I am learning to be more comfortable being vulnerable. I began to realize that my music had become very surface level. I wasn’t speaking from emotion as much because I was afraid of what people may think of me, not realizing that emotion is what makes us feel the music. Though it seems scary at times, I have to put my heart on my sleeve and remove any filters I put on myself. To be me. Completely raw. And that has done wonders, not only with my connection to my fans but my connection with my own music. It all feels more real to me now. More powerful. So if there’s any advice I would give to artists out there it is this; Don’t be afraid of standing out and being yourself. Your true fans will seek you out and ride with you because they see themselves in you and your experiences.



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