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T.HANNIN Keeps The "Money Coming"

A Berkeley native and the oldest of two, T.HANNIN began her journey through music early on in her life.

By 15, T.HANNIN began writing her own songs and recording in the studio. Now known for putting words together in a fashion that rolls off the tongue, T.HANNIN writes about things she knows, sees, or has experienced herself.

Her most recent single, "Money Coming," has us latching onto the intoxicating confidence from T.HANNIN vocal performance. It's apparent that her old-school inspirations greatly influence her rap styling. It's refreshing to hear as the new wave of music adapts to various styles of hip-hop getting airplay.

Holding onto the authentic roots and twisting it in a way where she still has mainstream appeal in 2022, T.HANNIN emanates a radiating light of charisma to have to play through your speakers. Tight flows and saturated cadences are just a couple of examples of how T.HANNIN manipulates a beat. In "Money Coming," the lively, mid-tempo instrumentation acts as the perfect melodic foundation for T.HANNIN to lay down her witty rhymes and knack for wordplay.

With a chorus that sticks in our minds almost immediately, it's the seamless blend of repetition that does it for us. Not taking it over the top, but delivering just enough to have you clicking repeat, T.HANNIN is a hit master. Listen to "Money Coming" today and see just why it'll be making its way to your favorite playlists.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, T.HANNIN! Congratulations on the release of "Money Coming." With an upbeat and memorable record like this, what sparked the inspiration for the song?

Money coming was completely inspired by a combination of my drive to create new music and the beat itself. As soon as I heard the beat I went crazy free-styling and instantly had 50DRUM send it over.

What does "Money Coming" say about you as an artist and individual compared to other songs heard in your music catalog?

I think money coming vs other songs heard in my current music catalog not only say’s but also proves that I’m a fun & versatile artist.

Could you please share a glimpse into the recording process when tracking this song?

Recording is always a euphoric experience for me. 50DRUM is also my manager so he hit me up like “like T let’s hit the studio and knock it out”. We pulled up to 25th st recording studio and was going crazy. While we were vibing in the studio we found out he made the beat on vacation in Jamaica and was also chopping it up about Sticking to your craft and being creative. I went in the booth and did my hook and first verse, I could already tell It was lit by looking at everybody's reactions through the glass.

What's the best piece of advice you have received regarding your music career?

I think the best advice I’ve gotten is to keep pushing and continue to do me. Being an upcoming female artist is not as easy as everyone thinks. It’s so much dedication and hard work that comes along with tuning out negativity and hate. But I’m definitely gone keep pushing.

What's next for you?

This year my main goal is to get out of my comfort zone and drop a few singles and videos. I’m currently working to finish a project produced by 50DRUM with a few tracks from Younginsosleaze.


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