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T. Riley Releases "Feelings"

An artist on the rise from Fall River, Massachusetts, T.Riley is hitting off summer with his first single off of his project “Summer L’s 2” set to release in July of this year. Previous releases of T.Riley include “Orange County” and Summer L’s. Continuing his artistry we have a laidback single titled “Feelings”.

A cool piano instrumental introduces us to the track along with a cool audio excerpt that leads us into the verses. The transitions of the track are smooth and aid in the chill and laid back vibe of the song. T. Riley is able to combine punchy verses with a dreamy and soft chorus while maintaining a cohesive sound that is all his own. The production quality of the track is great with the different effects and drops that contrast with the almost lo-fi piano instrumental. Here, we see a new wave of hip hop and rap where instrumentals are blended seamlessly into a hard rap verse. Within this, we also hear some RnB with the vocals which makes it a kind of signature sound for T.Riley. The flow is great and T.Riley uses pauses that keeps us reeled in and is what also gives it a soft trap kind of sound to it as well.Above all, T.Riley as a distinguishable sound and is a well rounded artist that is sure to gain attention with his upcoming project.

Listen to "Feelings" here and get to know more about T. Riley below!

Hey T. Riley, welcome to BuzzMusic! What made you want to pursue music?

What made me want to pursue music a lot of reasons, the classic “Kush and OJ” tape and “More About Nothing” really sparked my motivation when I was younger and realized I can do this too. I believe most Therapeutic way to get your feelings out. A lot of the time people find a liking towards a artist because they relate to something in a song and think wow that artist understands me, when most the time the artist is looking for people to just understand them.

Why did you choose to insert the specific audio clips into your song? Where are they from?

The first clip you hear in my track is from the movie Jackie Brown, felt it fit perfectly for the vibe of what I was doing. The 2nd little clip is my mom actually mad I was smoking in the house I decided to put it in there too show people a quick glimpse of this is really me.

What are your goals with your music career?

My goal is not too be A list famous, but be a established artist that can support for me and my family. I love making music and putting all efforts into making it my all around the clock job.

What was your favorite part about creating “Feelings”?

My favorite part about creating FEELINGS is it was a litteral sense of my day when I wrote it. My mom was bitching about the cigarette smell, I was late to work that day and didn’t care that I was. It was a “fuck how you feel” day so to see the whole thing come together it was prettt dope.

Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

My biggest influence has to be Joey Bada$$ not only did he bring boom bap hip hop back to its rightful place, the music is fire every song released and I really appreciate how he put on for HIS people. Refused a deal with Jay-Z and stood with his team so everybody gets a piece. Not to mention he’s young while being a entrepreneur as well. Much respect and motivation. 


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