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T.Ro Brings The Caribbean Heat With “You Are The One”

Born and currently residing in the UK, this Caribbean raised artist goes by the name of T. Ro. Spending most of his childhood and teen years growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, his West Indian roots has had a tremendous influence on him as an individual and an artist. You can most definitely hear it in his music. Within recent years, T. Ro decided to take a serious approach to building his musical portfolio. He likes to describe his genre of music as ‘World Music’ which is something everyone can listen to but if he had to break it down it would be a combination of hip-hop, afrobeats, and bashment. Currently running his own collective of artist under the name NoTellin Entertainment, they are expecting to release new projects this year and 2020. Tuning into his single “You Are The One”.

This one gives me reggaeton right out of the gate. Then there’s this beautiful wind instrument that surprises you throughout the record. I love how this song makes you want to dance, sway, move in some way shape or form. I have a true respect for Caribbean sounds and this delivers all those wonderful feelings. The lyricism is on point and his vocals are beautiful! This is one of those #repeat tracks a banger for the summer!

Listen to "You Are The One" here and get to know more about T. Ro below!

Hello! Do you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

I'm T. Ro, I'm a recording artist, I was born in England and I grew up in Trinidad. I'm 24 and I have a son and an amazing partner. It's funny how I got into music, as I really never had anyone pushing that focus in my family. I make music because I love the art form and I enjoy it so if I can make music that others can genuinely enjoy that will bring me joy. I've been engaging in a lot of hip-hop music although I've still been finding the need to focus on my influences in other genres such as dancehall, reggae, as well as the the rising modern afrobeats music. Being heavily influenced by these different styles of music and to add on my caribbean upbringing, together it has made it possible for me to diversify my style and my music. I've been recording since 2015, when I first recorded with Bitterbunch, with Jaythaillest on the production, since then it's been a slow climb. God must have had plans because he helped me meet my bro Talè who is as enthusiastic about making music as I am. Since we've linked up we've been making fresh songs, a lot of which have been scrapped and others haven't been released due to a matter of timing.

What about your genre of music do you love the most?

What I love the most about my genre of music which in this case I will say is the modern afrobeats music, is that it doesn't matter what language you speak or if people understand you or not, there will always be people who get up and dance or people whostay to themselves and bop to the music. The good vibe always spreads, that's the thing I love the most about it.

What is the backstory on the song “You Are The One”?

The song "You Are The One" was recorded, produced and engineered in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. My friend Talè being from Lusaka thought we should go out there to promote a few songs we had in the stash, so we ended up going under a team ting. When we got there we linked up some local artists and the vibes got to cooking and before we knew it we were working on the song along with a few others. We decided that of all the songs we recorded there that "You Are The One" was the one we should shoot the video to, and so said so done. It all happened quite fast as we were there for 3 weeks, but we made it work. The song includes 3 zambian artists, Talè, Majik Links and T-Wizzy, as well as Nigerian Artist King Femz. The song was produced and engineered by Majik Links.

What type of artists are under your collective?

The artists under my collective all have their own diverse sounds and styles, from afrobeats and hip-hop artists like Talè to more heavy hip hop artists such as MainStar. The collective doesn't limit to just recording artists either, we have on board our very own DJ, Selekta-DJ M.R.P and even our own fashion stylist and artist Wisdom. Our most recent releases have been very hip-hop focused as that's just the mood right now for us. The collective is in its early stages of growth so at the moment we have myself an afrobeats and hip-hop recording artist, Talè an afrobeats and hip-hop recording artist as well as one of our producers. Also included are MainStar a hip-hop and dancehall recording artist, Wisdom a Hip-Hop recording Artist and fashion stylist, Selekta-DJ M.R.P one of our own producers, as well as our DJ and Photographer.

Where can readers find your music?

Readers can find my officially released music on Spotify, Apple Music and ALL other music streaming platforms, you can also find more of my music on YouTube and Soundcloud so check them out. If you like to keep updated and be the first to hear about new upcoming music then go follow me on instagram and follow @notellinent also to get updates about new music from the entire collective.


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