T.ro Lays Down Captivating In-Depth Perception Over Hip-Hop Beats Found on "Too Much Pride"

Music is a collective of inspirations applied in a new way to create something distinct. This is the ethos T.ro operates under, and his music is the product of the Trinidadian artist achieving his selfhood by taking his influences from multiple cultures and refurbishing them with his Trap-Hop stylistic approaches.

Raised in Trinidad and Tobago, and blessed with a subtle tropical tongue, the mixed heterogeneous islander carries himself with hubris when instilling his own sense of self on every track he produces. This month, with tremendous confidence and a radio-ready production, T.ro ordains his most recent record, "Too Much Pride,"—a song about the blurred lines separating what is egotistic and humble—with a vibey intonation in his just barely detectable accent. 

Through his ability to incorporate his diverse musical influences from Hip-hop to Trap, T.ro manages to combine spliced samples evocative of far-bordering genre-applications more easily utilized in a house mix, or an indie rock intro. But still, somehow, amongst his laid back halftime modern production, everything leads to fit together with a cohesive sense of uniqueness.

The topline hook feels like it was meticulously designed to stick like adhesive, and while the guitar reissues it's uncluttered melodic support, an affecting harmonic fantasia is found in the background vocalist's call-back cantors. It's a song that stimulates the sentiments you'd get cruising in a top-down convertible while the eloquent islander Emcee captivates us with his dynamic and tested lyrical storytelling and compelling flow.