T3TRA Can’t Hold Us Down With Her Latest Single “Ohmygod."

T3TRA is a Pop artist who creates electronically spiced soundscapes that shine with her lyrical vulnerability. Already becoming a touring recording artist in her early teen years, she has been a long time coming honing her craft in preparation for her latest single “Ohmygod.”. This release has a really fun bounce to it that can get a whole party going. As “Ohmygod.” begins we felt like we were swimming inside of the beautiful texture that T3TRA creates. While the record progresses we found ourselves slowly moving more and more as the rhythms get more and more intense

The star-struck vibes we get off this release have us wanting to go out and meet new people. This record features a really smooth washy Rhodes that with some string pads provides a delicate soft soundscape, spicy synth plucks that quickly get your heart going, explosive drum grooves with a touch of passion, and then, of course, T3TRA's honest vocal performance that really shows off what she is capable of. Not even for a single lyric does she hold back on giving her fullest amount of attention. “Ohmygod.” is a really fun release that you can both vibe to but also hear at the club to get the whole party going.

Hey there T3TRA! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release “Oh My God” has a really unique blend of styles that creates an almost ethereal soundscape for your voice, is that something that you wanted to achieve when you began writing the song? How were all of these sounds created?

Hey guys! So good to talk to y’all again! Jumping right in: I wanted the song to feel big. I actually worked on it in Logic Pro X and then sent it to my producer, who tightened things up and added embellishments. I just did it by feeling - did that synth sound right? No. What about this one? Okay, can I layer two for the desired spacey sound? It was a lot of trial and error. In this record we got really strong star-struck vibes that make us want to go out and meet people, what does this song mean to you? What had inspired you to write it? I had played a show where I was a special guest, so no one knew I would be there. The subject of this song just so happened to be in attendance for the event, not my performance. We locked eyes after the show while waiting for our cars, and there was an instant spark. We got to talking and exchanged numbers. I went home and wrote the song right away.

Your vocal style has a really unique modern flash to it but has a sense of familiarity to it too, how do you think your voice has evolved from when you started singing publicly and writing songs? Thank you so much! I was a total nose-singer when I was younger. I hate listening to old recordings because of it. I’ve learned how to harness my falsetto and perfect my belting, and I’m way happier with my voice now. A lot of changes between 14 and 25!

We heard that some of your influences are icons like CHVRCHES, Halsey, and Robyn. What elements from their music do you borrow and fuse into your own music? What makes them stand out from the crowd for you?

I love how they work each instrument into its own thing. For example, on CHVRCHES' song “Miracle,” they add an effect to her voice when she sings “if you feel it, could you let me know?” It’s so small, but it changes the entire vibe before the breakdown. It’s subtleties like that that can make or break a song, and those three artists have mastered that. And I’m wanting to work on my music so I can figure out how to make those work in my own style.