Tackle the Growing Stages of "twenty-5," With vern

Redefining the definition of being an enigma, Boston-bred, Nashville-based Indie singer/songwriter vern has always been a self-proclaimed black sheep.

Acutely aware of her unremitting journey with anxiety and depression, vern is committed to providing music to speak her candid truth, yet always remaining hopeful. Her delicate delivery of both a fresh, forward Pop sound and subtle Rock nostalgia draws the ear of young dreamers and old souls alike.

Creating an ethereal environment that plays upon reverberated drum hits, warm acoustic guitar chords strummed, and an impeccable balance of time and spatial ratios, vern presents listeners with her latest single, “twenty-5.”

Tapping into the thesis which transmits a message about the growing pains between your late teens and early twenties, vern illuminates the wistful hues of her story in an intricate lyrical offering that touches on a young person’s life when they are still trying to figure it out and have fun but are facing the responsibilities of being an adult for the first time. The delicate yet prevailing tendencies that her striking vocalization carries have us falling into her passionate radiance of genuinely visceral delivery.

The manner in which her heavenly timbres cascade with the mid to up-tempo instrumentation have us feeling the thorough representation of her brilliant imagery as our senses are heightened in this sonic expedition. “twenty-5,” takes the maturity of Vern's sound to an extended level where we find all can relate to the tenors she reiterates. She is a seamless concoction of dark meets light, and nostalgia meets present-day timbres as we sip on the intricate ballads that she places forth to her listeners far and wide.

Be sure to take in all that is vern and her latest single “twenty-5,” as you sink into your seat and appreciate the music.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, vern, we love the sounds heard in your latest single, “twenty-5.” Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing this single to life? Hi! Thank you so much for having me! My creative process for my music as a whole focuses on my life experiences and center on lyrics. Usually, I mess around on the guitar with a verse or chorus and write the rest of the song simultaneously. This song in particular was inspired by a conversation I had with my mom, which I explain below, at the crossroads of a very difficult time in my life. I was dealing with depression and burnout and starting to question when does this “seeking” ends. Twenty-5 is really a stream of consciousness of all my thoughts and confusion that kinda just danced into the song as lyrics. After I did a demo, I sent it over to my producer for this track Gustie and we really leaned into the moody teen aesthetic that's associated with a diary entry. I wanted this song to sound bright and pop-forward but feel a little melancholy but always with a glimmer of hope. I really like songs that are sneaky smart, aka really catchy hooks with a deeper meaning and I feel like this song really does that. Pleasant to listen to or to cope with - whatever the case the song can be there for you. I always make it a priority to write about my life but make it relatable to the listener. What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the themes and messages presented in this track? I want listeners to feel like they are not alone in their journey to find their purpose. From the outside and social media, everyone seems so “put together” but truthfully that’s not the case. Everyone has facets in their own life that are unknown, unsure, or even frustrating/sad - some people are just better at putting on a face. Social media can cause major imposter syndrome and I occasionally find myself questioning myself and my choices after scrolling through tastemakers and my peers for a while. For so long I worried I was alone feeling confused about what I wanted to do or what I SHOULD do next,- I legitimately thought I was going insane. After some time and some amazing friends, I realized I’m not alone in feeling a little lost and that everyone deals with these questions at this weird pre-adult/adult time in life. And it’s 100% okay to be lost for a little while, I know I am. Do you have a favorite lyric in "twenty-5?" Yeah, it’s the opening line, “Wish I could say it’s easier, the older that you get. The more bills in your mailbox, the less things make sense.” The entire song was actually inspired by this first line, it was from a passing conversation I had with my mom a few months before I wrote the song. I was complaining about all these credit cards “offers” I didn’t sign up for and medical bills in my mail and she kinda laughed and was like “yeah mail isn’t fun when you’re an adult 95% of the time.” Even though responsibilities and adult “things” came knocking on my door all of a sudden it feels like I’m walking around with a blindfold on; nothing makes sense even though everyone’s “got my number.” With each artist's creative process varying in how they tell a story, does “twenty-5,” directly relate to you? Twenty-5 is pretty much what an entry in my journal would look like if you got your hands on it, haha. I am 22 years old living independently in a city working a 9-5 desk job and trying to figure out exactly what’s happening and what my next steps are. I’ve always taken life so seriously and been career and goal-oriented for as long as I can remember, I feel like I missed out on having fun in my teens and in college. But now that I am on my own I find myself working like a dog during the day but then at night experimenting with nightlife and drinking heavily and realizing that I can’t continue this lifestyle and waking up in the morning forever. Not to mention from the lifestyle, your body goes through changes and you struggle with body image and self-identity so hard at this age. At this stage of life, you begin to wonder what your next moves are, or if you should even be planning and totally lean into the hot mess by living in the moment. I have always put end goals and deadlines on things, and 25 years old always seemed so “old” when I was a kid in shows and movies. And now that I’m coming up on 25 myself it feels like I won’t be halfway to where I “should be” by that time. I am a HUGE over thinker and I constantly think about my parents and family and what they want for me; truthfully I have made every decision to be “safe” and “smart” and done what I “should” do. But truthfully I am still wondering why even though I’ve followed every piece of advice that I still feel sad and confused, and most of all wanting to completely cause chaos. What happens to be the best piece of advice that you can give your listeners when tackling the themes of “twenty-5?" Everyone’s journey is different; some people are killing it by the time they’re in their mid-twenties some are still figuring it out. I believe everyone is continually trying to “figure it out” their entire life. I want my listeners to be easier and kinder on themselves; the comparison is the killer to joy. Just stay on your path and live in the moment as much as you can. I’ve learned you really can’t waste energy worrying about the “what if’s” to complete the “right now” with your full potential. Also, ladies, when you turn 20 your “woman” body changes so much and NO ONE tells you that - so it’s ok if your favorite jeans are different now.