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Tackle the Warmth of, "A Summer's Delight"

Born in Seattle and raised in Lake Stevens, AlphaPatron is a multicultural artist who incorporates a mix of Hip-hop, Pop, Funk, R&B, and Afro-fusion within his music.

Instilling an impactful rush of uplifting hues, AlphaPatron’s music speaks themes of encouragement to life, along with the urge to dance.

Tuning into the most recent release of AlphaPatron’s “A Summer’s Delight,” we plunge ourselves into the swarming essence of lush summertime sounds. Through a prominent display of funk-fueled guitar riffs that have a satisfactory inflection in the sustenance they embody, the rhythmic grooves are nothing shy of infectious.

AlphaPatron approaches the buoyant tempo in a mesmerizing manner that has him riding the beat with wavy cadences sure to make you get out of your seat and move along to the coinciding drum patterns. We admire the merger of Hip-hop tenors that speak into his inspiration when approaching his verses. You get bits and pieces from various genres, but a stand-out moment for us has to be the uplifting brilliance that comes from AlphaPatron as second nature.

There’s no denying the charismatic appeal that comes tumbling from “A Summer’s Delight,” the moment it begins to play; but this timeless piece could last you all year long with its anthemic origin. Taking a record and projecting its allure in a major way seems to be the mission for AlphaPatron, and we’re here for it.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic AlphaPatron.The amount of feel-good energy, and good vibrations that reside in “A Summer’s Delight” brings us to the repeat button instantly! With a fusion of sounds being something that you’re known for, where did this particular blend of resonance stem from?

The blends of different sounds and vibes stemmed strictly from the '80s and late '70s. The different guitar lines were inspired by Quincy Jones and Michael Jacksons' "Off The Wall" and "Thriller, also with the drum patterns you could definitely hear it in the song! Other soulful funk-pop artists in the 80's such as George Benson and Stevie Wonder also is where some of the inspiration came from.

In your own words, what does this song mean to you? What are you hoping that your listeners can reflect on or take away from the messaging instilled into “A Summer’s Delight?"

"A Summer's Delight" to me is a reflection of the overall mood and energy that I carried with me the whole summer of 2021. Walking with a contagious uplifting energy that could really bring someone else's spirit up when they might be down, or even just encouragement when they may feel hopeless. With this song, my goal was to bring different audiences together. What I mean by that, is through this song I want to bring together the likes of an older audience who grew up during the era of 80's funk and groove, with the new generation of the younger people who resonate with catchy hooks and melodies.

Do you find that where you reside speaks to the music you create? What’s the music scene like where you’re from?

After moving to LA, and being around amazing musicians and friends with crazy ears. My music circumference widened by a ton, with crazy sounds and vibes that I never would have listened to if it weren't for the people I was around. Sounds included, punk rock, indie, alternative rock, and even contemporary worship. I get inspired very easily, so I wanted to just try out a ton of different sounds and vibes, this was also the first time I felt comfortable with singing without autotune as well.

If you could have your audience remember one thing about you, what would you want it to be?

If there was one thing I would like my audience to remember about me would be an elevating man who is not afraid and led by God!

What's next for you?

You're just going to have to sit down, grab the popcorn and wait and see!


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