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Tae Kwasii Eases Your Mind With “Here 4 The Good Times”

If you need a song to channel your positivity and unleash the free-spirit that’s in you , you might want to check out Tae Kwasii new release titled “Here 4 The Good Times”. He blends R&B, Alternative & pop undertones with a little spice sprinkled on top! Inspired by late 90’s, early 2000’s, & New Millennium music artists such as Frank Ocean, Aaliyah, & Amy Winehouse built the foundation for his sound. Tae radiates this beam of uplifting energy through his music and it’s quite compelling and contagious.

We listened to “Here 4 the Good Times” with a smile on our faces. The aura and energy surrounding the song is what’s absolutely enigmatic for us. Music has this way of allowing us to feel a certain emotion rather it’s happiness, sad, excitement, etc. but “Here 4 The Good Times” has this special undeniable quality that makes you question how Tae was able to deliver this attractive bubble of contentedness. Tae keeps the dynamics of his voice at a low level while remaining consistent with the tempo of the song. His music portrays a spirituality component that not many artists do. Highlighted by the stand out single “Herri Krishna” where he sings about comparing a lover to a Hindu Goddess Inspired by Hindu & Buddhist Aesthetics. Movies like The Craft & Pulp Fiction inspire his Creativity with Visuals and Fashion. Tae Kwasii is a compelling artist and we can’t help but thank him for delivering us this work of art!

Listen to “Here 4 the Good Times” here and get to know Tae Kwasii in our interview below!

Tae what inspired you to begin writing music?

My dad inspired me to begin writing music at a young age. I would watch him make beats using samples from the 90’s on the mixer, rap on the mic, and freestyle. One day I walked into his room while he was catching a Mobb Deep track and he asked me to sing on the track he was making and so I did! That was the start of my journey at 7 years old.

What was the motivation behind writing your single “Here 4 the good times”?

That song was inspired by real life problems such as social anxiety and depression. I dealt with it daily so I made this song as a way to relax and empower myself. It’s a upbeat happy song so I just want others who deal with the same problem to know that there is a way to overcome it. I wanted to make a song that anyone can listen and relate to; no matter your race, sexual preference, age, religion, you can feel this.

If you can personally describe your own artistic music style in 3 adjectives how would you describe it and why?

Very alternative, nostalgic, and urban because my music has an old school sound to it but at the same time I throw new things into it. Growing upon early 2000s I listened to artists like Aly and AJ, and Florence & the Machine I would watch the VH1 countdown before school & the songs really inspired me. Urban because of where I come from, who my parents are My dad is from Brooklyn so New York is in my blood I'm an Urban kid. Nostalgic because I sing about things from the past as if Im stuck there, in the 80s or something; I have an old soul. It's hard to fit my music into categories because I’m just an artist who makes music.

Besides music, what other hobbies and passions do you have for yourself?

I love acting, theatre, movies, and film. My goal is to Direct my own films one day I love Chessy 70s & 80s Horror flicks & I always paid attention to the music in movies. I write short stories and screenplays. Im passionate about Fashion and Meditating im in Empath so I have to keep myself balanced & in Tune & Look good while doing it . Im also an Advocate for Marajuna for recreational use, I think people judge things that don’t understand without knowing the benefits or outcome. I would love to become an Activist for LGBT rights one day and be the voice of my youth through Music. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Well you guys can expect my sophomore project titled “Urban Alternative” this summer 2019. It’s much different from my previous project because Im older now & I have more confidence and the experiences to go along with it. I will be dropping a lot more visuals on YouTube I'm shooting a video for the single now it will be dropping soon &  an online store, called Vintage Por Vida! So be on the lookout Thank you so much for having me.


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