Tae Wall Pays Homage To Michael Jackson In His Latest Music Video

The renowned hip hop artist, songwriter, and rapper Tae Wall pays homage to Michael Jackson through his latest flaming and conceptual music video entitled "Billie Jeane."

Tae Wall never fails to captivate an audience and hold their undivided attention. His powerful stage presence and bars are enhanced by his ability to ride the beat with immense rhythm. What sets him apart from other hip-hop acts is his relentlessness and stamina, both proving that Tae Wall will be a household name sooner than later.

Now releasing his tribute to MJ with the music video entitled "Billie Jeane," the song itself is not a cover, yet, a series of hard rhymes, jam-packed verses, and memorable hooks featuring chops of Jackson's single "Billie Jean" in the production. The music video takes viewers through the confident performance of Tae Wall as he channels MJ through his wide-brimmed fedora, sequin jacket, v-neck t-shirt, and a single glove.

Hitting play on the music video for "Billie Jeane," we're met with fiery and exciting visuals that truly pay homage to the late singer-songwriter. As Tae Wall sets the scene with his MJ-inspired outfit and movements, he transitions back and forth between the nostalgic costume and modern attire, dressed in all black, a red belt, and a red bandanna.

He's truly wowed us with his performance abilities; Tae Wall's confidence and composure on stage are enough to land him a massive following like MJ himself. We love the concept of this video, as it perfectly depicts the long-lasting impact that Michael Jackson continues to hold over the contemporary hip-hop scene.

Watch Tae Wall's modern-day music video for "Billie Jeane" on YouTube.

We love the concept and visuals of your latest music video for "Billie Jeane." What inspired you to create the song itself that pays tribute to the late great MJ?

My father inspired me. He plays the saxophone and does the backdrop of the "illy Jeane" instrumental when he plays. Although I am a huge fan, I decided to loop an essential part of the record and add a slick baseline around it. From there, I took it to my engineer at Eravox Studios in San Diego and got the sample replayed, then mixed and mastered the record.

How did you develop the conceptual and clever scenes for the "Billie Jeane" music video?

My videographer David Robbins and I put our heads together. We had seen some unique production sets out in California that would fit the song's mood, inspiring us to add simple props and enhance the visual.

Did you want to get a specific message across with your music video for "Billie Jeane"? What thoughts did you want to leave the viewer with?

I wasn't necessarily trying to leave a message; I was more so paying homage to MJ and bringing back feel-good music with a bit of twist. I wanted to leave the viewers feeling that MJ presents by having classic dance moves and a replica look of his fashion from the actual Billie Jean video. I thought that would be dope.

You have received a lot of testimonials and co-signs from a lot of legendary hip hop icons like

SIR MIX A-LOT, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, and 2 Live Crew, all praising your talent and hustle. What was it about you and your music that caught their attention?

The moment those guys met me, we became instant friends, and they have had my back..and I am grateful to them. I was able to connect with them lyrically, and I have an old soul. I'm able to give off an old-school feel with a newer school swag and persona. I've learned a lot from each one, and they continue to inspire my passion for music and business. When you are an independent artist that somehow catches the attention of the mainstream, you're on another level.

What usually inspires your music? Do you find your inspiration from big names like MJ or through personal and real-life experiences?

I think the early inspiration came from my oldest brother introducing me to rap and showing me top-of-the-line studios at age 8. I met super rap group Bone Thugs N' Harmony at the very same age. From that point on, I knew if they could do it, I got a shot as long as I stayed consistent and dedicated to the music.

What's next for you?

An album I'm working on currently dropping late October or mid-November to give my fans something new to listen to for the holidays. Be on the lookout for me in movie appearances and different acts coming soon.